Following Guidance ❤ Colmenar retreat with Jenny and Greg ❤ by Dan Brennan

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    Colmenar retreat with Jenny and Greg   

Hosted by Marina and Nacho at their home, a beautiful and very old farmhouse high up in the Andalucía mountains in southern Spain with an eight seater seat, set in under a chimney type fireplace, warm and welcoming just like its owners.


We were a beautiful combination of Spanish, English, Irish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and American Retreatants

Giving a lovely non separation feeling.

 Only great Openness, Oneness and a willingness to share


After two days of going very deep I was given the task of driving Luisa to Malaga airport, a task I initially felt reluctant about as I felt I would miss the end of the retreat etc, but I guess Spirit had other plans.

As we were driving towards the airport an amazing sharing opened up between Luisa and myself and some wonderful insights [Miracles] were experienced by both of us and tears of joy. I EVEN made it back to finish the retreat

With great singing and dancing in warm mountain sunshine with great hugging and some tears as the retreatants prepared for their journeys home,

Love you all,   Dan

IMG_dan free hugs

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  1. So sweet! Love you Dan! ♥

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