Community Spreaker Talks

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Community Spreaker Talks

Tune in to our two most recent Spreaker talks.

Telepathy, Sex and Relationship

Telepathic communication between seeming separate bodies and minds is a metaphor that can be used as a stepping stone on the way to the realization of Oneness. Guidance is given in every moment. When we share the same purpose of healing, we can tune in to the same voice and hear the same thoughts from the Holy Spirit at the same time. Sexual impulses are distorted miracle impulses. Love is pouring out from the core of our Being and we want to nurture and keep the Love flowing by extending It as guided by the Spirit. Relationship is always maximal. When the Peace of Mind is held upfront as the only goal, relationship will be given for the purpose of healing and will end when the healing in this context is maximized.

Be YOU in charge

“This holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace. And if I need a word to help me, He will give it to me. If I need a thought, that will He also give. And if I need but stillness and a tranquil, open mind, these are the gifts I will receive of Him. He is in charge by my request. And He will hear and answer me, because He speaks for God my Father and His holy Son.” This is the last lesson of ACIM workbook, the lesson we bring it with us everyday from now on. This is the answer to all the “How” questions raised by the ego mind. Full trust and open mindedness allow us to listen to the guidance and follow without compromise. My true identity of being one with God is realized as I allow who I am and what I want to be revealed to me moment by moment.

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