♥ Colmenar Retreat ♥ with Jenny & Greg, by Petra

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♥ Colmenar Retreat ♥ with Jenny & Greg,   by Petra

Mystical Experience

On the way back together with Petra, Steve and Dan in the car, Ole had a profound mystical experience. The other three felt it; they cried, shouted and laughed together with him.

Ole describes his experience as one he had never had before:

“As soon as I sat down in the front seat of the car, I felt a release and I could truly allow something what I felt coming during most of the retreat, but somehow was not able to let in before. I repeated the words “Allow, allow, just allow” in my mind. I felt completely drunk of love, dizzy and like being high. It felt thoroughly good.

After being in this wonderful state for a while, I started to notice physical symptoms as well. A tingling in my fingertip, which started to move upwards through my arms towards my stomach, chest and the rest of my body. It felt ok in the beginning, but I started to feel fearful around this.

I shouted to the others: “Oh man, what’s happening here, can’t you feel it?” I couldn’t stay in an upright position, bended back and forwards, while opening the window to get some fresh air.

 My hand was locked in a weird position and I couldn’t move it any longer, it was taking over my whole body and I thought I would die; I really fought to get back into my body. Dan stopped the car and we drank some coffee to process it all. We all felt the momentum of this remarkable event.”

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