Healing Experiences by Christiane

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Healing Experiences by Christiane

Healing Around Language

The ego seems to get very tired when only English is spoken: giving instructions, answering questions, and in evening teachings. The ego would prefer a French-speaking community and gives me thoughts of rejecting what is present here. If I’m listening to the ego, I leave the moment and my joy disappears. This is my barometer, and as soon as I do not feel joy any more, I have the opportunity to return to the present moment in Spirit.

The ego insists on making a problem for me every day by telling me that I understand nothing. But I do not need to participate in the conversations, because I do not feel isolated. I remain aligned by not attempting conversation. Talking would quickly lead into the trap of the Christiane personality, which wants to tell something from the past or to make the conversation interesting. And thus comes the moment when I let go, because it’s showing me that words are not needed. I constantly receive everything I need and I understand what is necessary. It’s perfect! At lunch, which is the time dedicated for expressing upsetting private thoughts, I ask Spirit for His Guidance, “Tell me when to speak. You will open my mouth and speak through me.” And He does it! I also receive gifts that I completely appreciate, for example when someone asks me for a word or a phrase in French, or when the movies are shown with French subtitles.

Healing Around Lack

The first few days I was obsessed by water. I believed that in Andalusia there was a water shortage every year, at least that is what the ego was telling me. I even suggested another way of washing vegetables and dishes. And I noticed that observing the behavior of others with regard to water and observing vegetables which were rotting because there was no room in the refrigerator engendered new thoughts and judgments. When I expressed them, I was heard with total love and acceptance, which allowed me to look for what was hiding behind these thoughts and judgments. When I practice Forgiveness by giving them to Spirit, I can see what He shows me: the belief in lack! Okay, I do not believe it any more, “Who I Am” has no fear of this kind, it is just a trick of the ego which can disappear, bye bye!

Healing Around Pain

Every day tasks are assigned to us. But the real assignment is for us to watch our thoughts. In the garden I am quick to rebel because Christiane’s body is 61 years old, tires fast, suffers from back pain and bla bla bla. Throw in the heat of July and August and the ego takes off, “They are crazy here, they are going to make us work at the risk of sunstroke!” Well, I give it to the Holy Spirit, who carries me along day after day, by affectionate communications. His main suggestion, “Just ask for help Christiane!” Ah yes! I was making too much of it by trying to be perfect, and was thus trapped in the ego identity. The ego wants to be self-sufficient and is ashamed to beg. But now I ask for breaks. I have also learned to stop frequently on my own initiative, just to close my eyes and return to the present moment. The work in the garden brings up the ego’s desire to have me criticize myself and to want to do things perfectly. I see that the ego tries to give value to everything except Love. And it especially wants me to feel guilty, sick, and that I am not a good Course student. It is always insinuating that I’m doing something wrong. Step by step my pains are disappearing because the thoughts are disappearing, corrected by the Holy Spirit. Then I feel more and more the love which lives in me; what I previously knew only in theory, I now experience: “I am the Love!” And my only function is to give It, shine It, and experience the joy of It!!  It is so rewarding that I do not want to listen to the ego and its stupidity. Then I become attentive and vigilant. Yes, I still fall in ego traps, into belief in the “I know mind,” but each time it is shorter and without guilt. I share my thoughts of the moment with a “mighty companion” and it is a gift every time! And for both of us. Then I profoundly experience the present moment and the fact that we are One.

And a big healing has taken place, which is reflected by the complete disappearance of the headaches which I had daily for a year.  Also the belief that I need medicine has disappeared, even in the face of the ego’s insistence that the pain has always been too strong, too violent. No, with His help, all this is flying away and I am soaring upward.

Healing Around Hearing

On the first evening when Frances led a session, a very shrill sound was emitted two times in succession in my left ear. I forget what happened but I observed that from time to time I heard better, without fully realizing it. Ten days later, the same phenomenon occurred in my right ear and I understood that Spirit had just reopened my ears! I seemed to have lost quite a lot of my hearing capacity over a three year period, to the point where I had even tried a hearing aid.

To conclude, I need to express my gratitude. It is extremely helpful to have other people around me who share the same goal. They are my mind training partners. We can laugh together at the ego’s little schemes and see each other in our innocence. I would also like to express my gratitude for the MMT Translation Team, with whom I communicated in a similar manner each week over fifteen months. Thanks to all and especially to the Source of the Love which brings us together.


  1. You are an inspiration to me, Christiane. I am very grateful for your presence.

  2. Yea! Bisous, Chistiane!

  3. You are an inspiration to me, too Christiane. I love you so much x 🙂

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