First Impressions at La Casa de Milagros, by Ross

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First Impressions at La Casa de Milagros, by Ross

How did I get here? I don’t know, really. It didn’t feel like a big choice or even a big deal. I was simply led along the way. There was some minor resistance from the ego-mind, lame little “what ifs” and possible problems that could arise in the future:

“What if it’s like a cult?”

“They could be this dogmatic little insulated community that’s totally cut-off from the world.”

“What if the people who are in charge allow their ego to get in the way and I’m forced to set aside my own inner guidance?”

But deep within, I didn’t believe any of that. Plus, I knew I could always just peace right out if things got hairy.

So, now I’m sitting in the “Casita” at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico. I’ve been here a week. Time has not much significance here because I felt completely at ease almost immediately. The welcoming hugs from all as I arrived and was introduced. The love and acceptance regardless of what is said in expression sessions. The beauty of the garden and the design of the Mexican villa. As the gates opened and we drove in, for the first time, I could feel the energy here was open and true.

IMG_9544 All of the mind’s blockages are easily exposed as barriers to real peace and dropped with willingness. The process here is exactly as advertised – miraculous! All that we do, from the projects and tasks to the expressions and activities to the watching of films and even the conversations on the side, are a stage on which all of our blockages, each and every falsity that we hold are brought into awareness. I am quickly seeing that the more I trust and allow things to unfold with alertness and presence, the more I will be shown. In this way, the time I spend here and the form that life takes is working towards the highest purpose.

This purpose is to wake up and stay awake so that I can be free within and bring this freedom into all that occurs on the level of form. I also see that this awakening is without a completion. There is no “end game” in which I’ll say, “OK that’s it. I’m there. I couldn’t possibly go any deeper.” The undoing of the illusion is only the beginning. That is to say, once we see with totally clear perception, that is only another beginning. We can always experience a deeper connection to the One Mind of God. This is the journey that we all take within. What happens in the day to day external aspect of life is simply the reflection of that inward journey.

In this video David sets the digging, the exposing of barriers and blockages, into the context of the divine metaphysics:


  1. Welcome Ross. Your shining light is a joy to behold!!!

  2. Its beautiful to have you Here with us! Thank you for your demonstration of jumping in. boots ‘n’ all!

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