Inspiration, by Emily

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Inspiration, by Emily

My lesson for today is Lesson 129,  “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” It feels very fitting to where my mind is at in this moment. I feel a deep desire to give and my prayer to Spirit has been to show me how. I can see the temptation to try to achieve this in form. I have always looked for security in form, which was often accompanied by obsessive planning and wanting to be on top of things. There is the tendency to still want to do the same thing now but to try to put a spiritual twist on it.

I asked Frances about this the other day, I said that I wanted there to be a shift in my mind with regards to giving, I wanted to give from an authentic place which was beyond the form. Again and again I have tried to lead with form because there is a belief in it’s importance. That has often left me feeling unfulfilled and frustrated as there was still the desire to get something from it. I was trying to push myself to do what I thought I should do. I told Frances that I do not want to do that anymore and I do not want the form to be the forerunner, but merely a reflection of my deep desire to serve God.

I wanted to feel inspiration, for the desire to come from within and pour through me. The next morning I felt that my prayer had been answered. While having breakfast an idea popped into my mind about a new project that I would like to do. I felt an urge to record an audio version of David’s Purpose is the Only Choice. Instantly I felt ripples of excitement flowing through me and I felt that I might burst if I did not get to share it with Frances immediately. I found it difficult to contain my inspiration and everybody I joined with reflected back this enthusiasm. There were no more shoulds or detailed plans needed to keep me focused and motivated. The present moment gave me everything that I needed to take the next step. I felt so energized and alert and the old familiar feelings of tiredness and lethargy began to dissolve. Throughout the day other projects that I had been working on began to sparkle with the same inspiration that I was feeling with my new project. There seemed to be a flow to everything that I was not orchestrating. All I needed to do was to follow what felt inspiring in the moment and everything seemed to work together effortlessly. Now my heart was leading and not my head.

I feel so full of gratitude in this moment and so blessed to know that the prayer of my heart is always answered. I see that the only thing that can ever be lacking is what I do not desire to give. Whatever I truly desire is always given to me. Thank you Holy Spirit for showing me how glorious life can be when I am serving the whole.

A selection from Purpose is the Only Choice by David Hoffmeister

How one is feeling is the result of a present decision of mind, a choice of perception. That, and only that, brings peace or upset. Remember, the split mind has only two contents or purposes.

 The perception or interpretation proceeds from the purpose the mind chooses. If you are feeling upset, it is only because you are presently choosing the ego, choosing separation. There is another way to say this: you must still believe the past is present, instead of seeing that the past is gone. This is deception, for the past is gone! Upset is always a sign that illusions reign in place of truth. So we are back full circle again. If one seems to be upset, it’s not because of what somebody said, or what somebody did, or because of the weather, or what might happen. The upset, regardless of the form or intensity, is always because one is presently choosing the ego, and therefore still values the ego. The wish to be separate remains intact and needs to be questioned.



  1. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring <3

  2. Beautiful Emily!

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