The Island, Spreaker talk with Jenny

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The Island, Spreaker talk with Jenny

The Island

“You’ve got to become aware of your sponsor.” This means the place in the mind where the ego thoughts are made up, where the decision to project is. If you don’t believe the thought – the sponsor, then the projection will not even occur.

Then you find that you just need to go to the place where the lie is, the core of the ego, which can seem difficult since there are gatekeepers that want to keep you away from seeing what’s hidden. Once you pass those, and uncover the whole lie, then the world is freed. When the core belief is faced you don’t project an external world anymore, and everyone you see will share your freedom!

Flipping the “master switch”

The Island is a fantastic metaphysical movie, showing the awakening process right through from being in a deceived, conforming state, to realizing that what was considered to be life was not really life at all. A society of men and women, who are deceived from birth, need to discover their true identity in this sci-fi action film.

fb islandThe main characters are joined in a relationship of purpose, in which they have to follow their prompts and become highly intuitive and determined to overcome the ego’s attempts at stopping them from exposing the darkness. It shows the ego’s temptation to go off and build a safe haven, and the Spirit’s call to extend Love to everyone by going deep into the mind and flipping the “master switch” that dismantles the ego’s illusion entirely, allowing the light to shine through and free everyone. As everyone opens up to the light, even those who may have seemed to be the enemy join in the celebration of innocence and freedom.

Spreaker talk

Enjoy this short discussion on the movie The Island. It’s a metaphysical masterpiece! We so enjoyed all the symbolism on what Awakening is really about. If you would like to watch the whole movie with David’s commentaries you can find it here:
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