My Guidance for Spain, Christiane

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My Guidance for Spain, Christiane

For four years I have been on the path proposed by A Course in Miracles and David. I adore listening to Guidance which often amazes me, sometimes surprises me, and offers me opportunities to be permanently healed; I’m sure of it. When I arrived at Malaga airport, I was welcomed by two French-speaking people. Then I was even delighted when the ego created its train of alarming thoughts (as usual) claiming that my not being able to speak English fluently would be a big problem, that I would understand nothing, and in brief, that I would be isolated.

Well, the Spirit planned His gift well: I received all the necessary explanations and I shared a wonderful room (with bathroom, in fact!) with a French friend. Everything in our community house is just right, offering full comfort. That very evening, I undid a belief in the idea of ownership and I gained an awareness about how to start an ACIM community in Belgium. I learned the story of the founding of this community house. I understand that it is the house of the Spirit, it belongs to none other. And He offered it with everything already complete : no need to find the place, to worry about money or furniture or anything: He took care of everything!

I discovered the place with delight, the surrounding beauty, the flower garden, the orchard and I was deeply moved. And my emotion came from the fact that I was strongly guided to leave everything in Belgium, to let go, to quit my studio-apartment, distribute my affairs and some furniture, sell my big bed etc. In this way I made a complete break with the past and moved deeper into the experience of living miracles. I don’t think about tomorrow or even the next moment, because I know He will guide me. And I have complete trust in Him. I am thus astonished by this gift: the magnificent, peaceful site—it is a paradise for me and my heart beats with joy.


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  1. my hearts beating with you sister. You have a wonderful presence. I see you <3

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