My Mind by Andy

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My Mind by Andy

Today as I walked to the local clinic I was feeling a bit guilty because my goal was to get some pills to make me feel better. I know that the belief that medication can cause me to feel better contradicts David and the Course, both saying that cause is in the mind and only in the mind. So I was thinking about this as I walked, about how I seemed to have decided that I was not quite ready to give my beliefs about the body over to Spirit. So I asked Spirit to show me what to do and I let it go.

When I arrived at the clinic I checked in at reception and was told to come back in forty-five minutes. Great. That would give me time to read some of the Course and meditate. So I sat under a tree and read about sinking into peace. Then I tried it. I noticed that one little resentment came to mind. Last night at the café there was a man loudly stomping his feet and shouting. He went on and on and our group could barely hear each other. I had the thought he was doing it just to see if he could drive us away and felt angry.

So now I looked at my attack thoughts about him and realized that what I wanted above all was peace of mind. I was the cause of my perception and I could change my mind. So I was willing to give it up. I saw an image of the man and forgave him for what he, as a character in my dream, had not done. It didn’t feel perfect, but it seemed the best I could do.

I went back to the clinic and there he was! He was just standing outside the door, almost as if he was waiting for me. On my way in I passed close to him, our eyes met and a happy “¡Hola!” came out of my mouth.

“¡Hola!” he said.

Wow! I not only felt free of any resentment toward him, I was overwhelmed by the power of Spirit’s joining with my mind to set up this forgiveness experience.

The doctor told me I couldn’t get the pills. He asked me what I needed them for and I couldn’t really come up with a reason that felt genuine. He said if I went to see a specialist in Malaga I might be able to get them. I reflected a second and then told him that I no longer felt I needed them.

Walking back to the house, I could see that Spirit had given me two answers: the opportunity to forgive a grievance and the sign that the (magic) pills were no longer needed. This was a powerful demonstration to me of the power of the mind.


Aligning with the light.


  1. Perfect! Spirit is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So honest & open, so helpful thanks Andy! Love

  3. Hi Andy…. well, well, well, what a day of deep reflections. I feel your experience and holy encounter. What gifts you are given! Thanks so much for your honesty and sharing. I find Spain so clear at reflections like that, a good place to learn our unreal projections, especially since the culture is so different from what we are used to!

    Blessings…… 🙂

  4. Wow Andy, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. Spirit is our doctor for everything : ) Much love and many blessings, See you in september. Yvonne

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