My Shift in Mind, by Andy

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My Shift in Mind, by Andy

I came to Spain in November 2012 on an invitation to help start a Living Miracles Community in Spain. At that time I was depressed, deep in a “dark night of the soul.” I thought that this project could provide the miracle that would snap me out of it. But unworthiness and despair thoughts continued to run through my mind while I was in Spain, like long heavy trains. I only managed to get off those trains a few times.

I had an intuitive hunch that the community should be in the Malaga area and this manifested with an invitation from Alice Friend to come to Alozaina. It seemed I was carried there by three mighty companions: Trisha, Monique and Peter. While talking in a café we learned about a house and came to see it. It was just right, but I was feeling too low to celebrate it. Soon after I returned to Utah and remained stuck in victim thinking for months.

In April, feeling desperate, I finally started praying with desire and consistency to the Holy Spirit to help me change my mind. The opportunity came up to drive David and Frances to the airport and I exposed to them how desperate I felt, stuck in the wrong mind. Clearly Spirit put us together at this moment, because Frances spoke up brightly to tell me she had had a clear prompt to have me join her in Spain in June. We both lit up. Spirit had us joining in a miracle. I was overjoyed!

Frances spoke about it during this 5 minute part of a Spreaker talk with David:

Go to Spain

Listen to David’s whole talk on guidance.

When I came into the house in Alozaina in June, however, I took my wrong-minded thinking with me. But this time I was fully dedicated to change my mind. So I watched my thoughts and exposed them along with my upsets in expression sessions. I had many one-on-one sessions with Frances in which I felt seen as not merely OK, but as perfect and Whole. In a little over a week I dropped the beliefs that I was unworthy and a victim. I started to really enjoy just being alive in the present moment. And the community members became witnesses to my joy. Halleluiah! I love them. In the evening we just like to hang out with each other, often in silence. It just feels so good.

Even my perception shifted as these photos show:

Pool as seen in November 2012

Pool as seen in November 2012

Pool as seen in June 2013
Pool as seen in June 2013

I’d like to close with this song, Heaven Is My Home, by my friend Soham Om:

To hear the whole album click here.


  1. Beautiful Andy!!! Love you!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the miracle Andy! You are so loved

  3. Thank you Andy, so happy to be with you

  4. Thank you Andy & Holy Spirit! Love you!

  5. Thank you Andy. When i heard that you will come, i felt it was for heailing…I am happy that it is. Love.

  6. Everbody loves you Andy. Because that is what we are.

    We have only to discover it. That is all. big smile with a happy heart.


  7. Thank you, my beautiful mighty companions.

    Love, Andy

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