Present Joining by Andy

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Present Joining by Andy

It’s Sunday, a completely unstructured day, no Miracle Moment. I sleep late, wake and continue to lie in bed. I recall a time during the week when I led a Mystical Mind Training session and failed to center myself in Spirit beforehand. In my perception the session didn’t go well.

So I’m lying there thinking, “When will I ever get this? Why don’t I recognize my purpose and stick to it all the time?” and other thoughts like that that keep me stuck in my wrong mind. To break that line of thought I get up, eat, shower and walk to Frances’ room. Through the door I hear her talking and so I go back to my room.

I ask the Holy Spirit for help and open the Course at random. I read the section containing “present joining is your dread.” Then I hear footsteps coming towards my room. I think, “Oh shit! I’m reading about the Truth. Please don’t disturb me!” A companion appears in my doorway, visibly distressed.

A warm “Come in” issues from my mouth. As I listen to my companion I recognize the thinking as similar to my own. I make a joke about how, on this path, we seek learning, growth and happiness—then something seems to happen and we feel like shit. We both laugh pretty hard.

Then I listen again. My companion is pissed off at a brother because of what he said. My mind goes to, “If I were the Holy Spirit, what would I say?” I follow my intuition, hearing “Bring it back to the mind. What your brother appeared to do to you was really you doing it to yourself. You blame your brother, but he is just mirroring a belief you have about yourself. You are doing this to yourself. You don’t want to look at the underlying belief so you project the cause onto him.” I suggest to my companion that something like that might be going on in the mind.

A bit to my surprise, it is well received. I’m surprised because I was just feeling so off-purpose and useless a few minutes ago. Actually, the joining felt really good. Thank you, dear companion and Holy Spirit.


  1. thank you for this, as I feel this way every morning until I remember that I am not all the thoughts I am having and it is only with the help of ACIM that I can find my place with God…and must practice coming back to God all thru the day…the tendency is to want to judge myself for being this macho ego that won’t let God, and Spirit be here…this fear, this block to mySelf works hard to convince me of my projected guilt in me is real…I have got all the words, but the experience of Love is certainly kept behind the veils by my strong resistence..Then I start to think it is because I have no real mighty companions in my mist because my job and money bla, bla, bla.illusive reasons to block Love…on the other hand I do livein an area, the Florida Keys where I am really relying on virtual mighty companions..that is, much of my communications are on FB, youtube etc..then, I pray and know Holy Spirit is here and one day at a time will show the next direction in this healing…I will stop the rambling of illusive blocking and God Bless you for this message…Sharona

  2. Thank you, mighty companion!

  3. Andy, You are my rock star! I will Join With You Always… For You are my Greater Joining.. Mi Amor… calico

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