Reading the Life and Teachings of Jesus, by Frances Allen

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Reading the Life and Teachings of Jesus, by Frances Allen

I was inspired to read Part 4 of The Urantia Book, which is about the Life and Teachings of Jesus. It was, and still is, a wonderful adventure of love. I was so carried by the story that I read every day as much as I could.

As I read, I made associations with what I had learned as a child and teenager reading the Bible, listening to sermons and singing songs about Jesus. I also made associations with what I have learned about and from Jesus studying A Course In Miracles.

By the time I finished, the three sources were joined in my mind as one large picture. I felt a consistency between all three that was founded on Jesus’ teaching in Urantia: We are to love our Heavenly IMG_1675Father who loves us; all men and women are equal in spirit; and we are to love all equally in the family of God.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Urantia Book showing Jesus’ interaction with a young man:

In Caesarea, Jesus and his friends were delayed because one of the boats on which they intended to travel was being repaired. There was a shortage of skilled woodworkers, and Jesus volunteered to assist in the repair. Anaxand, one of the men who worked on the boat with Jesus, became interested when Jesus spoke of the Father in heaven being interested in the welfare of his children on earth. The young man asked, “If the Gods are interested in me, then why do they not remove the cruel and unjust foreman of this workshop?”

Jesus answered, “Since you know the ways of kindness and value justice, perhaps the Gods have brought this erring man near that you may lead him into this better way. Maybe you are the salt which is to make this brother more agreeable to all other men; that is, if you have not lost your savor. As it is, this man is your master in that his evil ways unfavorably influence you. Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the power of goodness and thus become the master of all relations between the two of you? I predict that the good in you could overcome the evil in him if you gave it a fair and living chance.”

David speaks of Jesus in The Urantia Book

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