Temporary Dissatisfaction, by Andy

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Temporary Dissatisfaction, by Andy

Dissatisfaction seems to rear its head sometimes and I start to think this business of not being a person just plain sucks. We are having a silent day and I didn’t want a silent day. (Ir a español)

The desire for a major distraction, like a special relationship, came around again when I saw a picture. In an instant I compare my little self to some imagined fantasy and come up short.

But when I follow the thought out, I see that that old pleasure/distraction has lost its savor. I can’t get into special relationship. It’s been ruined for me, or should I say exposed, the same way AA ruined my drinking: another roadway leading to a rat race of unhappiness.

Dissatisfaction comes up when my expectation for something hasn’t been fulfilled and I want to find fulfillment in form, rather than to stop and look within. Yet the way I can replace idols in form with something more satisfying is by simply looking at them, questioning them, seeing that they are false, and letting them go. Then Holy Spirit replaces them. Mmm.

So I’m getting back into function, in this case editing. Yes, happiness lies within.

I want the real thing; I want the peace of God.

Peace be to us today. For we have found a simple, happy way to leave the world of ambiguity, and to replace our shifting goals and solitary dreams with single purpose and companionship. For peace is union, if it be of God. We seek no further. We are close to home, and draw still nearer every time we say:  There is no peace except the peace of God, And I am glad and thankful it is so.  W-200


I love it here at the Awakening Mind Community in Chapala, Mexico.

Descontento Temporal

Descontento parece asomarse de vez en cuando y me pongo a pensar en eso de no ser una persona simplemente apesta. Estamos teniendo un día en silencio y yo no queríamos un día en silencio.

El deseo por una gran distracción, como una relación especial, dio la vuelta de nuevo cuando vi una foto. En un instante compare mi pequeño yo con una fantasía imaginaria y me quede corto.

Pero cuando sigo el pensamiento hacia fuera, veo que ese viejo placer / distracción ha perdido su sabor. No puedo entrar en una relación especial. Se ha arruinado para mí, o debería decir descubierto, de la misma manera AA arruinó mi forma de beber: otro camino que conduce a una carrera de ratas de infelicidad.

Descontento surge cuando mi expectativa de algo que no se ha realizado y quiero encontrar satisfacción en la forma, en lugar de detenerme y mirar hacia dentro. Sin embargo, la manera de que pueda reemplazar a los ídolos en forma con algo más satisfactorio es simplemente mirarlos, cuestionarlos, viendo que son falsos, y dejándolos ir. Entonces el Espíritu Santo los reemplaza. hmmmm

Así que me estoy poniendo de nuevo en función, en este caso como editor. Sí, la felicidad se encuentra dentro.

Quiero la cosa real; Quiero que la paz de Dios.

“¡Que la paz sea con nosotros hoy!  Pues hemos encontrado una manera sencilla y grata de abandonar el mundo de la ambigüedad; y de reemplazar nuestros objetivos cambiantes por un solo propósito, y nuestros sueños solitarios por compañerismo.  Pues la paz es unión, si procede de Dios. Hemos abandonado toda búsqueda. Nos encontramos muy cerca de nuestro hogar, y nos acercamos aún más a él cada vez que decimos: No hay más paz que la paz de Dios, y estoy contento y agradecido de que así sea.” (W-200,11)

Me encanta estar aquí en la Comunidad Despertando La Mente en Chapala, México.



  1. Thank you for this post Andy! I find myself feeling this dissatisfaction popping up a lot about this whole journey that I’ve exposed my many distractions as not being enough anymore. So I find you sharing this and that I should remember to look inwards, makes me feel less lonely about that feeling, and helps me see through this more clearly. Much Love and Gratitude Brother!

  2. Yes, Andy I so agree, the peace of God is the only goal.

  3. It is your honesty and openness about what you’re experiencing that is such an inspiration for me Andy. It is reminders for me to keep on looking at the debris ….Thanks for you posts!

  4. Thank you Andy for the heartfelt reminder. I loved it!!

  5. Yes! Henri is right…your honesty is very inspiring! Thanks…love you!

  6. Thank you for this post Andy. I’ve been looking at bypassing via MMT this week. I had realised I bypassed before, but it wasn’t until MMT helped expose it more fully that I’m now seeing just how ingrained, deeply and readily I choose a bypass. I thought when I looked at this I would be looking over a curbside, but now I have looked, its a bit more like a grand canyon. I’m feeling unsettled with this. I too wish for the Peace of Holy Spirit. I choose with you Mighty Companion.

  7. I can really relate to this Andy! Thanks for sharing it all. Love Birgit

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