“Worthy to be Worth” ❤ Tour of the Heart, by Petra

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“Worthy to be Worth” ❤ Tour of the Heart, by Petra

“Worthy to be Worth”, when I let these words sink deep down inside, I feel it is really for us to make but only one choice. We are 100% worthy of Love and only Love. Nothing else is true and nothing was ever true. We are Host to Love, We are Host to Spirit, We are Host to God. Actually the personal self doesn’t have a clue of Who it is and how to stay in that ecstatic State of Love forever and that’s a humbling fact.
Worthy of being 100% Love

❤ The Open Heart in action fb the open heart
The Spirit is gentle and meets us where we think we are. In our case this seems to play out in the setting of a beautiful villa “La Casa” in pittoresque Spain with a back drop of preparing a tour with The Open Heart in Europe!

12 days ago Helena and Al arrived at La Casa and what a trip it is. Within a blink of an eye, we’ve all become the crew to their band The Open Heart. How cool isn’t that?! I mean we blissfully chanted their songs for weeks, and without any effort; we’ve been offered to join them. It really feels like a supergift, straight from the Spirit! Yeah!

Sparkling members
So hereby I am so happy to announce – on behalf of the rest of the Tour Crew – the official start of the first European Tour of The Heart with the theme “Worthy to be Worth”! Besides these two permanent members of Helena and Al, I love to present the rest of La Casa as new temporary members:

Ludvig ~ Musician & Sound Engineer
Petra ~ Tour Coordinator
Li ~ Graphic Designer
Sine ~ Publicity
Marieke ~ Copywriter
Ewa-Britt ~ Publications (will arrive on Thursday this week)
Maj-Lis ~ Supporting Angel (will arrive on Thursday this week)


We are all now playing, singing and strolling along in our fresh new roles of sparkling members of the Tour Crew to The Open Heart!! Yeyy!!

fb coach vrs 4

The Tour Crew in Joy action!

“One, two, three…”
The days are starting with our lead singer Helena starting whispering: “One, two, three…” and there we go! First she comes in by setting the right tune, followed by Li singing her solo and creating the space for us to come in too. So we do with all instruments we know of. Exactly at that point, when we all play together harmoniously, something so great happens and takes us over. It is like we are all changing into music vibes and start wavering all over the place. We dissolve into all there is, the figures are gone and at the same time We encompass it all.

The experience does return over and over and is definitly not necessarely related to the songs we sing or the instruments we play. It’s a truly letting go of all we thought we knew and simply trust that Spirit is providing us everything right NOW. We have all the support of our lovely mighties 24/7. Thank you Helena, Al, Jenny, Greg, Li, all mighties in La Casa and around the globe for this deep deep joining.

With sparkling Love,


The Open Heart’s song “Dear Self”
chanted by us before we joined the band


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! ♥

  2. So beautiful Petra! Thank yor for embracing you function so fully! <3 "God's Purpose for us is to Be Happy!"

  3. ThankYou Petra! I Love You and am Grateful for You and Your Presence here 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Feel the love – might not be able to join with you for some time physically, but my heart will be for ever yours. Let us continue to hold hands. 🙂 <3

  5. great! ♥

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