A Course in Miracles: A Way of Healing the Mind

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles – Picture of Helen and Bill

A Course in Miracles is the answer to Bill Thetford’s prayer, “There must be a better way”, which he voiced to Helen Schucman in frustration over their strained relationship. Helen replied, “I will help you find it”. Not long after that, Helen heard an inner voice saying “this is a course in miracles, please take notes”. Helen and Bill agreed to collaborate on writing down what the voice said. Helen was the scribe, Bill the typist. As the work progressed it became clear that the voice belonged to Jesus. Thus it is he who wrote A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles summary: The mad idea of separation from God appeared in the mind of the Son of God, who took it seriously, fell asleep and dreamed. In this way the world was made as a hiding place from God, and a bodily, egoic identity assumed. In truth the Son could never separate, and the Course was given to lead the Son back home. It is non-dualistic. The practice is supported by ACIM lessons that focus on training the mind to undo the thought system of separation by looking at it and releasing it. This is the process of forgiveness. The ego thought system is the belief in guilt, attack and death, none of which are real. Although the Course is a self-study course, in living A Course in Miracles, it is important to remember that we go Home together. Salvation is seeing that your brother’s innocence is your own. In conclusion, the Course provides a way to help you to find your Internal Teacher, the Holy Spirit within.  




What is A Course in Miracles? David Hoffmeister talks about ACIM

David describes A Course in Miracles as a spiritual tool. The Course contains teachings drawn on our knowledge from psychology, education and Christianity. It is divided into three sections: a Text which teaches the principles of miracles and the blocks in awareness, a Workbook that focuses on practical application and a Manual for Teachers to understand the role of the miracle worker. All this is aimed at removing our ego mask which hides our Christ Identity. The separated interests of this world must be replaced by forgiveness. In this we experience peace of mind which is no small gift indeed. Enjoy!

A Course in Miracles – Looking at the message of the Course in relation to our experience

The Levels of Mind Diagram is a helpful tool in understanding how different concepts such as ‘Thought’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Desire’ and ‘perception’ are related in A Course in Miracles. The metaphysics is a powerful and necessary stepping stone to the actual experience of Love’s Presence. With reference to different sections in the Course that put these concepts into perspective, this overview is indeed a helpful tool! ACIM levels of mind diagram    

How did the separation happen? The metaphysics of A Course in Miracles

David Hoffmeister gives his insightful answer to the question about the original doubt thought or the “tiny mad idea”. Dear Beloved One, Any question that the ego ever asked is only a metaphor for the one doubt that that lasted but an instant. The answer for either question, how or why, is really the same. The doubt thought put into words, is that one could have a separate existence apart from one’s Creator. This doubt thought seemed to cause the One Mind to separate into multitudes of parts and this we speak of as the original error, the separation, the dream of sin that never was. There is no reason that can ever be given for something that is unreal as there is no source for error, it can only be seen for what it is and that is the end of all questions. What seemed to occur in the one unholy instant was simultaneously corrected. If this were not so, the separation would have a reality of its own and the power of God would indeed be limited. What seemed to be the unholy instant never was at all. What now seems to be linear time is but a moment’s madness being replayed again and again in the mind of the sleeping Son of God. Recognition of what is unreal brings an end to the concept of linear time and all illusions and returns the Mind to the original state of the Holy Instant. A sense of separation from God is the only lack that really needs to be corrected. This sense of separation comes only from a distorted perception of Reality, from which you then perceive yourself as lacking, and from which all seeming needs arise. One’s responsibility is to relinquish all needs but the singular need for God. There is no perceptual universe that existed before the thought of separation, nor does it actually exist now. One must see that what seems to be a multitude of images is just one error. There seems to be a gap between you and your brother; the body’s eyes report differences, and you believe them. You must seek within you and allow the Holy Spirit to correct this mad idea. Everything God created is like Him as One. Only Love can create Love, and what is temporal is not Love. Extension is of God, and this inner radiance that the children of the Father inherit from Him is eternal. Life in a body is temporary and not of God. Life is not of the body, but of the mind. To realize this is to realize salvation. You are so worthy of God’s Love and you are entitled to the perfect comfort that comes from perfect trust. Do no waste your time on useless attempts to make yourself more comfortable within the illusions by rearranging them to suit your seeming needs and wants. The miracle is the means for you. It prepares your mind for God. The miracle prepares the mind for the acceptance of the Atonement, where God’s Creations are completely dependent on Each Other. He depends on you because He created you perfect. You must learn to look upon the world as a means of healing the seeming separation. The Atonement is the guarantee that you will ultimately succeed. And remember to apply this one quote, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.” All is one in Christ. I love you forever and ever. With Love and Gratitude,  

A Course in Miracles The Movie: Special Edition

This movie is a collection of old and new interviews by different central figures around A Course in Miracles. Here you will find inspiration and insights on both the theoretical foundation and how its application has affected the lives of dedicated people throughout the last decades.    A Course in Miracles the movie  

Spreaker on “what is A Course in Miracles”

Salvation is taught in A Course in Miracles as the complete undoing of guilt in the mind. David talks about how this can be translated into escaping all concepts of the world. We need a relationship with the Internal Teacher in this undoing which is what ACIM is meant to bring about. The Text and the Workbook focus on this, whereas the Manual sets the new role as a Teacher of God and what this entails. The Spirit can use a willing mind. Here the words are eventually transcended for truth can only be experienced.  Before the total revealing of the Christ in you, every value and idol must be brought to awareness and let go. The light in you transcends it all, and once this has come to a complete revelation you will know that the world is just a dream, a reflection with no inherent reality.

Spreaker on Living A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is designed to lead the reader to an experience of truth. The ACIM lessons set forth in the Workbook allow for the practical application of the Text. Without experiencing the reality of Spirit in our personal lives, knowing the truth will seem to elude us. There are communities around the world filled with people who are actually living A Course in Miracles. In this Spreaker talk, David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu share their journeys of experiences that led them to enlightenment in working with the principles of A Course in Miracles.

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