Forever Joined by Dylan

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Forever Joined by Dylan

When it was announced that Kristen would be leaving La Casa for Kamas the following morning, I was aware of shock throughout the mind! It felt like my best friend was leaving me for a new city. Being shown that we were to trust, we let our emotions come up. This allowed me to bring up suppressed tears from my life. It was great, I hadn’t cried in years, so it was exciting to hear the sound of the body crying again. Over the coming hours, I started watching the thoughts that were arising, suggesting that we would never see each other again.

Later that day, a few hours after Kristen had left for the airport, I felt to go to the computer and message her. To my surprise, I got a reply from her, asking to be picked up from the airport, due to her flight being cancelled and rescheduled for the next morning. This was a nice symbol that gladly allowed me to see that, as along as we believe ego thoughts we will always be “wrong.”

The next evening, I came back from a walk and I could notice myself attaching to the feeling of loss and missing Kristen. However, half an hour later, Jenny held a meditation and Q&A session. During the meditation, she said, “Spirit says wait a minute.” As she said that, I noticed the feeling of missing Kristen lift, and also noticed a direct Presence within me, where every time a belief came up, the Presence would say, being quite firm and direct, “I am the Son of God and God is Love,” and the belief subsided.

In that instant, it felt and continues to feel really great. I can feel the magnitude that is our Being! I remembered the certainty of Purpose and not allowing any false beliefs into the mind. This was followed by a number of other experiences, that allowed me to realise that this is the conscious experience of Self, Mind aware of Itself, unfolding all perfectly and precisely in each moment.

Our relationship, along with our relationship with everyone, being used for forgiveness, is tremendously helpful in bringing up every single belief that is seemingly in the mind. Even though the bodies may not be together, I feel just being open and connected allows me to recognise that we are still joined. Yay. I also feel that, this experience is helping bring up any remaining beliefs and thoughts to be seen. I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation for showing me all of these beliefs, and still going through this with me now, as this continues to go deeper at the moment, beyond words; to a higher communication of telepathy and stillness, beyond all I previously imagined.

We are coming to truly see that we are always joined in Purpose, no matter where we are. Even though we may sometimes resist or not welcome these ideas, it is the use of these ideas that shows us that they are true. “As a man thinketh, so shall he perceive.” Everything that is not Peace of Mind is just a reflection of thoughts that are to be forgiven. It is all thoughts and beliefs, which is made clear in the first 15 lessons of the Course. We don’t have to believe these thoughts.

There is no need to be hard on yourself. My Will for you is perfect Happiness. This does not have to be a path of suffering. See but it is I who orchestrate all events, and have you in perfect Safety where thought can be taken for nothing. Everything is as it should be. Herein lies your Joy.

Bring it all on. Yes! Our willingness put with Spirit’s is unbreakable. “Go on; clouds cannot stop you.” W-69. We need not fear, for One has overcome the world. We are forever joined in Love ❤


  1. Alaways a most beautiful reflection of Love, Peace, Acceptance, Joy, the I AM Presence!
    I Love You Dylan!!! <3

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks Dylan.
    Love you! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Dylan.

  5. Yeah, it’s only thoughts, and underneath rests the stillness of eternity. Go God!!!

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