Christmas and the Day After, by Serena

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Christmas and the Day After, by Serena

We had a joyful feast of tamales on Christmas day, filled with gratitude, immersed in the almost palpable Spirit of Love.

T’was the day after Christmas IMG_3513 and all through the Palapa, all the hearts were in silence as we joined in One Mind. – And then … a dance party emerged. We were in joy, in the Mind of God! The morning began as we joined together in the Palapa for our miracle moment, meditation and expressions. For me the morning had started out with slow energy, slow movement and quiet reflection. As Anje joined us all in the Miracle Moment, my awareness was captured by the words, “Consciousness has no boundaries.” Wow! I felt it through my body with such joy and gratitude. I could see how all the limitations, boundaries and blocks in my mind were self-made — the self I often think I am. Now my energy began to shift. Then Lisa appeared with the inspiration for a dance party! Lisa started the music and the collective body came alive with energy and happiness. The true Self that dances through me took over and moved me around the room in rhythm and joy. What a way to start the day-after-Christmas. Joy to the World The Dance Has Come!   Merry Christmas from La Casa de Milagros


  1. Ahh, basking in the gratitude. Thank you Serena!

  2. Thank you all at La Casa De Milagros (The House of Miracles) for sharing the experience of living with David Hoffmeister and A Course in Miracles.

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