Spiritual Guidance: A Still and Tranquil Mind Is No Small Gift

Underneath all the searching and striving for things of the world we have a far greater desire to follow spiritual guidance. To know the inner guide is to give up all of the ideas around manifesting and creating what you believe is the perfect world for you. No matter how perfect your life seems to be the world and its teachings have shown us that it can be hearing your inner guide certain spiritual guidance cruel. What is your inner guide but the highest calling of your heart, calling to the part of the mind that knows that there is something beyond the body and yet has not fully experienced the Divine Guidance of the Holy Spirit without impediment. Do you know your Will in a world where you have forgotten your divine Holy self, where at the drop of a hat something can draw you into pain, judgment and suffering? The need for spiritual guidance comes from realizing that whatever was offered you in the world has not worked and you need a new kind of thinking and a new way of being that can be offered through a calm and quiet mind that is driven by the flow of joy. Learn to follow your divinity and ask Holy Spirit for a prayer for guidance and how to proceed through the valley of the shadow of death. The answer will come and as the desire grows stronger the space between question and answer will be nonexistent



David’s teaching of how to listen to Spiritual Guidance

Is there a specific technique that you teach people on how to hear the Holy Spirit or have taught people in the past?
 I would say not so much a specific technique in that the sense that the HS curriculum is so highly individualized. There are so many different meditation techniques, tools, and paths etc. I would say that the short answer for that is when I am pressed with ‘Give me something specific that I can do to hear the Holy Spirit’ or ‘How can I hear the Holy Spirit’s voice?’, I point to ACIM just because it’s the path that I used and it was successful. I also studied many other paths and was pretty well read and very open minded about many pathways and teachers and techniques; but in the end it was ACIM that came to me. It was dropped in my lap. It was in English instead of Aramaic or Latin. It didn’t have to be re-translated. It was in a language that involved psychology, religion and Christianity. It was in English, as I said, and incorporated education as well. Since I spent 10 years in university I was well versed in education, so even with the terms ‘curriculum’ and ‘learning goal’, I said, ‘oh my gosh, this is in my language.’ I thought to myself, ‘I have no excuses now’. It’s perfectly delivered for me and it’s a ‘how to’ book with a text, workbook and a manual. I have absolutely no excuses. I can’t say, ‘God you didn’t make it clear enough.’ It’s right here. So when people ask me specifically I point them to the text of ACIM where Jesus says, ’you study this text’. He told Helen and Bill, at some point after several chapters were dictated, ’you actually have to study the notes. It’s not like osmosis. I am giving it to you but you must study the notes.’ For me it was the same. Study the text and then do the workbook. The workbook has very explicit and had specific instructions. It has daily instructions on what to do, how to do it and how long to do it. It’s right there. It also has the teacher’s manual so that when you get to the point of really starting to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice and you are starting to fine tune your learning and listening instrument then it has some helpful pointers in there as well. So that’s my short answer as to how I hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. I just point to the course. The course isn’t for everyone so that answer won’t come out all the time. But for those that feel the course is their path and it doesn’t matter what language they are working with, I just say, ‘Hang in there with that text and workbook and teacher’s manual. That will be as good as any formula that I could come up with’.


Spiritual Guidance in your pocket

Purpose Is the Only Choice

the highest form of spiritual guidance is non resistance

listen to the inner guide

This little book is a constant companion, a tool for returning to Peace that is invaluable! Purpose Is the Only Choice is a conversation between David Hoffmeister and some of the students that gathered around him in the 1990’s, put in pocket format. It reveals the one and only choice that we can ever truly make in this world, and how simple life can be when that choice is understood. The style of enquiry that David uses in this discussion is an example of the way in which we can come to an experience of peace-through an uncompromising look at false beliefs. He delves into the mind in a gentle, yet firm, pursuit of truth. A Course in Miracles says “The test of everything on earth is simply this; ‘What is it for?’. The answer makes it what it is for you.” Also available in French: Le But est le Seul Choix

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Listening to the inner guide through music from the Open Heart

Letter From God ❤ The sweetest Love letter from God that reminds us of His immense Love for us, in the breaking of the heartbreak spell that kept us from thinking that we were anything but pure perfection, at home in His eternal Love.

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Spreaker talk on allowing things to drop in and follow the spiritual guidance to peace of mind



Practice Hearing the Holy Spirit: practical spiritual guidance

A Course in Miracles is a clear guide pointing to the Truth. It gives an amazing practice that tunes us into listening and following the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit.  God speaks to us all through the day as the small still quiet voice that gently leads us, waiting for us to quiet our minds to hear his gentle, moment by moment instructions.  You cannot mess it up as the power of us joining in Holy Purpose thwarts all attempts of the ego trying to lead us off course.  You will know him by his fruits if you allow yourself to be guided. You will see the Joy that bubbles up from within and lose track of what is being done, allowing yourself to be done through  with your inner guide at the helm.


Forms of Spiritual Guidance

The myriad of forms that spiritual guidance can come through are streams of thought, feelings, intuitions. There is an abundance of signs and symbols in the form of notice boards, car stickers, using A Course in Miracles as an i-Ching (oracle), many spiritual/metaphysical books, music playing seemingly randomly at bars, cafes, by journaling or even in your nighttime dreams….. and so on. There is an inward flow that keeps calling us to peace and joy that you link into gloriously, graciously and lovingly, and life becomes effortless  and your need for spiritual guidance externally lessens and you are able to hear a clear inner voice.

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