Grace of God by Sharon

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Grace of God by Sharon

My Dear Beloved Mighty Companions,

I wanted to share what I experienced on the last night when several of us were dining at La Lena’s.

As we were sitting at the restaurant and several of you were expressing your desire for me to stay in Mexico, and sharing your love and appreciation for me, I had this experience:

Your desires were so strong and your Love so deep and heartfelt that I experienced the Grace of God.  My understanding was all inclusive…transcending time and space.  It was the One Heart of all my Mighty Companions, not just from those whose seeming form sat before me.

The power and depth of your love for me was so immense, it was as if the river of forgetting was rushing to meet the ocean of remembering.  I felt myself being swept up in the Grace of God and held firmly in the arms of His embrace. Grace took me deeper and deeper into the void of nothingness where only God’s Love could exist. The calming Presence, the Stillness, the Silence of His Profound Love was and remains in your love for me. I was safe, secure, free of all doubt.  I had no wants or desires.  Your Love so vast, so expansive, all-inclusive, all-embracing, broke through any blocks or barriers of my illusion of separateness.

I had no wish to ask the Holy Spirit to please allow me to stay…for the True desire of our Heart had been answered. It seemed ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous even to ask such a question….because at that moment I knew that I could not stay and I could not take you with me. The concepts of “staying” or “taking you with me” no longer held any meaning. What is “staying?” Staying implies leaving…and what is leaving? And take you where? What is “where?” My experience of your love is so firmly planted in the Eternal Now.  How can I possibly be separate from you? How can one be divided by one and amount to anything but ONE? How can One even be divided? How can we be anything less than what God created?  How can we be anything less than LOVE?

So, my most beloved Mighty Companions…I am with you Always…seemingly separate no more. In our love for each other, we have transcended the illusion of separateness, never again to succumb to that tiny mad idea that we can be anything less than what God created.



  1. Thank you beautiful Sister!! You are in my Heart!

  2. That kind of love can only be felt. Love you dearly…

  3. Beautiful! Love you!

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