What Is a Miracle? A Shift in Perception.

What is a miracle really? The definition of miracle in A Course in Miracles is a correction in perception. It removes the blocks of fear and guilt in the mind, allowing a glimpse of timeless joy. The prayer for a miracle asks the Holy Spirit for this shift in perception. It is not about seeking to change anything in the world, as the miracle merely reminds that what is perceived is false. The miracles of Jesus actually occur at the mind level rather than at the physical level. In practice the healing miracle is for the mind and is always felt. It may or may not have apparent external manifestations. The power of the One Mind transcends any limitations, thus there is “no order of difficulties in miracles”. How to pray for a miracle: True prayer is the desire that God’s will, which is for your perfect happiness, be done. What is a miracle worker but one who seeks to maintain a state of miracle mindedness, in which the Holy Spirit is chosen to distinguish the true from the false. When the mind fully accepts that the truth is true and only the truth is true, the mind experiences and radiates the peace of God.

The miracle is the only thing we can share

Holy is your relationship

Spreaker on Mysticism and What is a Miracle?

David Hoffmeister talks about how Spirit cannot enter matter. There is nothing that the body reports that has anything to do with you. Be still and let this be known to you. What freedom and joy when the mind finally realizes that the Son of God never left heaven. Nothing but the experience of Truth will ever matter. You are Holy.

What is a Miracle and its mechanism?

David answers questions about the nature of the miracle in this conversation with a friend. Enjoy!   Q: How does the mechanism of miracles work? Is it the Holy Spirit, or prayer or a personal state of energy that makes you open to receive a miracle? D: I will give you a helpful quote from A Course in Miracles: “A miracle is a correction. It does not create, nor really change at all. It merely looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.” So the key to miracles is a willingness to suspend the meaning you have given something and look upon it in another way. Q: A change in perception – that is the mechanism of the miracle? D: Yes. You might say that miracles are the means of awakening. They always involve perception. It is possible to have revelatory experiences, experiences of pure light, in which you see beyond the veil of perception, but these experiences are very rare. The mind is afraid of the light because it thinks it will lose the world it sees. Miracles are the gentlest way of returning the mind to the awareness of God. They collapse time, the time that is needed to unlearn the ego. For example, our meeting today will bring illumination and clarity that will save thousands of years for everyone. Miracles bring benefit to everyone. Miracles fall into our lives. Miracles open up our eyes. Miracles make us realize we are united. Open the tomb. Come forth and live. Open your heart, release, forgive. Let your own spark of God within be ignited. Peace, like flowers blooming bright in the colors of the Christ, Spreads its fragrance and its holy light. Q: Are miracles done through prayer? D: Yes, prayer is the mechanism for receiving miracles. It is the willingness to give your mind to the Holy Spirit to use for miracles. Spirit performs the miracles through you. The only condition required is that there be an absence of fear. Miracles can never be performed in a state of fear. Miracles are really our vocation, no matter what you seem to do in this world. Everyone here has been called as a miracle worker and Jesus does not ask fora resume! The Spirit just asks for the willingness. With willingness miracles begin to occur more and more. Q: Do they occur simply with faith? D: The question of faith is one of: What do you have faith in? Faith is not something that is present or absent. It is like prayer. Be careful what you pray for, for prayers are always answered. So it takes attention to see where you have invested your faith. Q: Does this mean you can have positive faith or negative faith? D: I would say you can have faith in the Spirit or faith in the ego. Q: What do you mean by prayer? D: Prayer is the desire of the mind. It is the inner altar. When the mind believes in the ego, this altar seems to be defiled. The altar does not have a single devotion to God, but has many idols on it. So desire or prayer is splintered. As long as the mind believes in the ego, prayers will involve asking for things and petitions because the mind believes it is lacking. It is impossible to ask for prayers beyond the level that the mind believes. As trust in the Holy Spirit grows, the belief in lack and incompletion is dissolved away. It’s like a progression up a ladder in which your trust grows stronger and stronger and the need for things and control falls away. The highest prayer that one can ever ask is: Father, what is Your Will for me? When the altar has been cleared of all idols, this prayer is asked and answered – immediately. God’s Will for us is perfect happiness. Kneeling at the altar then with this dear and holy friend, I see the crown of thorns has been replaced. Pure white lilies shining there with their fragrance bless the air, reminding us of God’s sweet love and grace.

What is a miracle and its function?

David Hoffmeister talks about how the purpose of the miracle is to collapse time bringing the mind back to the holy instant. Linear time is only a construct in the mind. It has no reality in itself. Enjoy!

DVD on “What Is a Miracle?”

Dive into an experience of the miracle! David Hoffmeister gives a talk about the freedom from thinking there is anything that needs to change in this world. The miracle is what removes the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence. Nothing more, but how could anything else ever have any real value? What is a miracle but no compromising?

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