What Is Prayer? The Desire of Your Heart beyond Words.

knowing the truth about what is prayer What is prayer really? In A Course in Miracles the definition of prayer is a way offered by the Holy Spirit to reach God. It is the means by which God’s Son leaves separate goals and separate interests by, and turns in holy gladness to the truth of union in his Father and himself. The power of prayer is the power of the mind to choose between the ego and God, the power to transform your experience from a brief bodily existence to eternal life in God. Ultimately the choice between God and the ego is not a real choice since only God is real. Prayer for forgiveness is the medium for the miracle, where we let go of the ego’s thought system of guilt, fear and attack and receive the joy that is inherently ours. Our daily prayer is to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Inviting the Holy Spirit to correct our mistaken ideas about reality is the prayer for healing. Only the mind can experience true healing. The prayer for unity is a letting go of all the blocks in the mind so that Oneness can be experienced. God’s plan for salvation cannot fail and so the prayer of your heart has been answered. You are still as God created you.    

David Hoffmeister answers the question “What is prayer?”

What do you mean by prayer?
Prayer is the desire of the mind. It is the inner altar. When the mind believes in the ego, this altar seems to be defiled. The altar does not have a single devotion to God, but has many idols on it. So desire or prayer is splintered. As long as the mind believes in the ego, prayers will involve asking for things and petitions because the mind believes it is lacking. It is impossible to ask for prayers beyond the level that the mind believes. As trust in the Holy Spirit grows, the belief in lack and incompletion is dissolved away. It’s like a progression up a ladder in which your trust grows stronger and stronger and the need for things and control falls away. The highest prayer that one can ever ask is: Father, what is Your Will for me? When the altar has been cleared of all idols, this prayer is asked and answered – immediately. God’s Will for us is perfect happiness.
  Best of David Hoffmeister Part 2

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knowing what is prayer and forgiveness combined




Spreaker talk on what is prayer

What is prayer but the core of everything. Desire is synonymous with prayer; the desire of your heart. Prayers for things will not bring you peace of mind. That’s like asking for the impossible. It’s asking for temporary comfort. The true definition of prayer is to call upon your deepest wishes beyond the form. Prayers are always answered, but when you don’t know what you’re asking for, you’ll get fragmented results.  The power of prayer is increased through the purification of your heart’s desire.    

What is Prayer and Desire – Steps in Prayer

When the mind is sleeping,  it believes that it is lacking and incomplete. Therefore prayers will involve asking for specifics: things and petitions. When the mind is awakening, trust in the Holy Spirit grows and there is a single devotion to God. Then the belief in lack and incompletion fall away. All desires begin to get cleared away as the ladder of prayer is climbed. So what is prayer? A true prayer that is at the top of the ladder is “Father, what is Your Will for me?”

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