On a Donkey in Trust by Danny

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On a Donkey in Trust by Danny

In this moment, I ask the Holy Spirit to be with me so that I can “feel” His presence. The presence of light, joy and peace that radiate in my mind, so that His Word can be spread out over the computer screen in front of my bodily eyes. In prayer, the Father and the Son unite in Oneness. My prayer is to unite all the brothers of the Sonship in forgiveness. To be lifted up by our Father Himself and returned before time was, before the separation that never was. Home, to the source where everything just Is. Why words? In the silence you hear everything that is, in Truth.

Why do I write? For nothing at all. There’s no sense in it! But prayer continues and the fingers press on the keyboard. When “my” mind’s here, in the light-filled emptiness, in this experience of peace, tears come. The screen becomes blurred. The body, called Danny, stops writing. Hands wipe away the tears with a sleeve. “My” intellect has no explanation for why this happens so often. Maybe it’s the love that materializes.

I am in prayer in my function and duties. Bringing Love into the practical; to stay vertical and in contact with the Spirit. Often, I realize that my thoughts have wandered off into something mundane, without value. Consciousness takes hold of the reins again and stills the gallop of the snorting horse which bears the name Ego. IMG_0189_800x533“Stay vertical, stay vertical!!” It will not be long before it happens again. But the room where the verticality is expands in the emptiness of linear time. It gives hope. To the same extent that I am willing, the Spirit is with me and reflects its presence back to me. “Stay vertical, stay vertical!!” Damn! Lost my grip on the reins again.

A few minutes have passed. Why do I so often complicate with the words? Symbols for symbols. What can I expect from them? Nothing! Expectation obscures the truth. And who is pressing the keys now? I have not the faintest idea. “Vertical! Vertical!!”

They told me that if you want to write a blog, you can write whatever inspires you, but preferably something that extends a miracle. The miracle that I want to extend is this:

 ScreenHunter_17 Oct. 02 19.49

What more than this is there to talk about? The story without words; emptiness, the Oneness, the blank page, which fills with Being in the present. The miracle is You; the gift is You, here and Now.

I´m laying on the sofa and Dylan types on his computer next to me. Pete and Yvonne say good night. Desi talks with Araceli in the women’s room. I love them all. I keep myself vertical. I ride on a donkey without reins in full trust in Purpose.

Love, Danny


  1. Thanks, Danny

  2. Beautiful Danny!!!

  3. Yes! I Love you sooooo Danny! <3

  4. How beautiful is this brother! feels like the spirit of true obedience, which is freedom!

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