Taking out the Trash in my Mind, by Dan

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Taking out the Trash in my Mind, by Dan

Pool area & Garden

My tasks in La Casa encompass a few areas. I have been learning about the Pool area and Garden. The tasks regarding the pool involve the removal of floating debris, sunken debris and removal of algea by vacuuming the pool floor. I am maintaining the pool water level too, which involves opening and closing of a lot of different valves. Furthermore I switch the main motor on and off again after a certain time.

In the large garden I water all kinds of plants and flower beds, this too involves a lot of different valves again to be opened and closed. Some things have to be done on a daily basis others on a weekly, two weekly and/or monthly basis.

The pool maintenance can be very symbolic of mind watching. Like the floating and sunken debris, algea removal from walls and floors can represent the different layers and depths of the mind. The valves and taps help me to go deeper by releasing pressure etc as I go, by tracing thoughts back, forgiving and making the choice for peace. Staying focused on the job – spirit – cleaning the pool of the mind, great stuff!!

Divinely vacuumed by Spirit

I have learned about all these tasks from a man who was here before. He left today. I got a sense as he was leaving – and as the rest of us were saying our good byes to him – that in fact we were all being Divinely vacuumed by Spirit, cleansed and brought back Home (Hallelujah).

fb trash 3, blog dan oct 2013Thunder, lightning & leaves

I had a wonderful day yesterday sweeping and cleaning my brand new pool area, which is quite large as well. Just as I was nicely finished the wind started to blow. As the night came we had thunder, lightning and buckets of rain. So my newly swept pool area had leaves, flowers and more stuff all over the place!!  Maybe I was a little too proud of my previous sweeping job.

On the other hand there was good news, all my plants and flowers had been watered! It’s an old Irish expression that say’s “It’s an ill wind that blow no good”, but actually I don’t know anything by now. And guess what? No wind today, it’s glass calm and there are only a few leaves! Beside this, I inherited more sweeping, dusting and window cleaning tasks from Anje who left on last Thursday. And there must be something symbolic about this because the leaves got there too!!

The trash gets emptied

The last task on my list is emptying the  trash bins, and I remember that my name sake, Dan in the movie “Peaceful Warrior”, was told that the trash is in your mind. I better be very mindful as I sweep and empty the trash from this point on. And you know what? I really want to share the insight I got from all this: “When the trash gets emptied, peace flows in”. Is that a no brainer, or what?!

Love you all, Dan


  1. Thanks Dan!
    It’s been a Joy to join with you these past few days! Hugs.

  2. I’ve loved reading you Dan.
    Thanks a lot…for sharing the video too.

  3. Hi Dan,

    When I arrived in La Casa, and walked into the garden, I could immediately feel that the one in charge there was putting a lot of love into it. Later I found out it was you. Thank you!

    Your beautiful innocence reminds me of my sweet 6-year old son. 🙂

    Thank you for your beautiful presence here in La Casa!


  4. que bueno leer esto Dan,. también limpio, aspiro y doy mantenimiento a mi piscina,. me gusto la analogía. Dios te bendice. Gracias por inspirarme.

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