Eternal Beloved, by Dylan

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Eternal Beloved, by Dylan

Dylan wrote this poem during the silent day yesterday.



                Eternal Beloved

It is Your Light that lights the world, And is the Door to our Self. All that I am drips with You, Consumed in the Love that You Are.

It seemed as though I had forgotten You, Yet, when the two became One I remembered; Recognizing That which I can’t explain. That which is timeless, That which is wordless And beyond all definitions.

I have become alight in Your Fire, Which burns all that is not the Self we are. In Your loving arms, always reminded that I never left the Kingdom.

I gracefully swim in Your Ever-lasting Ocean, forever nourished. Joyously playing all day, like a little child, In Your eternal Flower Garden; feeling oh so blissful. The day seems long, but the Thought of You Makes it an instant.

Overdosing on You, I become conscious of Reality. All other definitions revoked, I bear witness to only You. I give all of myself to You, so that I May know myself as Your Son. You are incomplete without Your Son, Just as Your Son is nothing without You.

I now rest in You, taking thought for nothing. Forever undisturbed and ever-joyous, I within You and You within Me; Giving thanks, for no matter where one is, There I am.


  1. That is so beautiful Dylan!! So grateful I am for the Joy and Light we share and the stillness that speaks from your heart which brings so much clarity in every instant. Thank you brother. I Love You! Muchas muchas Grazias.

  2. Dear Dylan, thank you for this beautiful expression of Oneness.

  3. When we speak our heart, tell the story, paint the picture of what is within us, we are truly helpful,we are all lifted up.

  4. Beautiful. Just what I needed to read today. Thank you.

  5. This is so beautiful, I feel it is genuine and meaningful to me, too. Thank you for your Love in God dear Dylan.
    In that Great Love, I hug you, Alice xx

  6. I am ecstatic for you! I am not just speaking for myself when I say we have baby tears of joy for you!

  7. Very touching, deep and loving words you were in-spired to write. Thank you for sharing this with us. It “drips” of Truth and is all that is necessary to connect us – this poem is MORE than enough – no more is necessary.. “We need do nothing”.. Just recently joined whatever website/group connection brought this to me this morning and am so GRATEFUL. O:)

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