Gratitude and Healing Opportunities, by Colin Carter

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Gratitude and Healing Opportunities, by Colin Carter

Last year when I was in Australia I was going through some very intense healing around special “love/hate.” This is an area that Jesus spends nine chapters in ACIM on, helping us navigate through an area that for most of us involves such deep healing opportunities.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join with my friend, JP, at this time. He represents such a clear, quiet and caring symbol in my mind. I recall during one of our joinings he said to me something like, “You never know, you may have opportunities at some time to help others in this area once this starts to heal in you. ” I found this simple comment so helpful and so motivating. Somewhere I could feel the truth of it.

IMG_1862It seems now JP’s prophecy is coming true. Opportunities are being given me by the Spirit. And wow, what a joy and what a gift it is! I can feel where I still have lessons to learn but am also experiencing the truth of what Jesus said 2000 years ago (today LOL), “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

And of course, in truth, the giving and receiving are the same. But until the mind is fully healed and awake it is a very helpful stepping stone to simply be of service. As this giving flow is tapped into and extended, the realization that I truly am only giving to myself dawns on the mind. From that point everything becomes a joy as everything is seen as it is: an opportunity to give and so love the One Self.

In love and gratitude


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