Be Authentic and Happy in the Undefined

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Be Authentic and Happy in the Undefined

Frances spoke with us at our Sunday gathering and we covered a lot of ground.

Below are some of the thoughts Frances expressed.

Listen to the Spreaker to get the full experience.

We think we can control the world, we want to fix things with glue so they won’t change. But to forgive is to unglue our judgments, our attack thoughts.

glueIf we don’t know who we are, how can we know what we want? We don’t know anything, so we can’t judge. Don’t draw any conclusions. Rather, can we withdraw our conclusions, the meaning we give to specific things?

Let “undefined” be an experience, not another concept. You don’t know the larger context. Allow the bodily characters to be moved around, but don’t draw conclusions.

Everyone here is in a relationship, yet it’s different every day. If you ignore the form and the definitions, you can experience a pure heart-opening to another person. I feel I am in a relationship with all of you.

The form is guided. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. Allow it to be completely spontaneous. Don’t define yourself, remain undefined, in the forgiving state of mind.

You want the special relationship because you want to get completion from the attachment. But that is defining yourself by who you are not. Trying to feel secure in your identity is an addiction.

We have a precious opportunity here now with each other. Withdraw the conditions.

If you follow Spirit you have this love feeling. You accept the atonement for yourself by being happy and authentic right now, doing what you feel guided to do.

We don’t realize that thinking about ourselves, we feel so bad; and the opposite feels so good.

The major thing is to allow ourselves to be happy, whatever that looks like. It is the highest service to the whole universe.

To think only of the self confirms the lie. To give up thinking about this limited self feels good because it expands the mind to think about who we truly are. Yes, service is about allowing yourself be happy and authentic in the moment.


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