The Bewildered Mind, by Anders

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The Bewildered Mind, by Anders

On the topic of purification of desire, Anders received this guidance:

Purify your desire for God and nothing else seems to be a struggle, where you must learn not to want what you do want. That produces a lot of fear, for you behold your self as the enemy who must be undone. It is not so. What could madness be besides believing you are your own enemy? And believing that the Will of God is not yours is madness. Struggle then no more to undo what appears to be your denial of God’s Will, believing It is not yours and will never be. The part you must play in the complete revelation that there is but One Will is simply the willingness to look honestly. For how could truth demand anything but eyes that do not seek deception?

You have come too far to let foolish thoughts tell you who you are. They come from nowhere, hold on to nothing and have no goals of their own. They were entertained for a while by a mind not knowing that life rested not upon itself. The mind looked to a made-up world to find a purpose that could supply meaning. It sought to find what does not exist and what it does not understand. Calling upon nothing has no effects. How could it? It was but a shout to emptiness to tell of wholeness. No reply was ever given, as you only heard the echo of your own bewildered cry for death.

God gives no answer to bewilderments. He loves His Son, nothing more. The Answer then is not to explain or find meaning in what is not of God. The Answer simply states what is true and will forever be true. The Holy Spirit merely reminds you that your will and the Will of God are One and the same. This is the one meeting point where you and your brother meet in a relationship so holy that it reaches beyond the stars. For, joined in the purpose of truth, the world becomes your friend, as it can only reflect your mind. Seeking ends here, not in finding, but in unveiling the truth inside you being eternally Present. What would seek but one who denies reality? And could such a mad idea ever have any value to the holy Son of God?


  1. So great!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Anders, thank you for sharing these deep insights. Really amazing, and very helpful for me now. I’m even feeling to make a print of it! 🙂

  3. Jeez Anders, thanks!

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