Community music video – ‘Waking’

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Community music video – ‘Waking’

We joyfully share with you our second music video collaboration called ‘Waking’.

Kris says “A week before I was to leave the community in Spain this song started coming in. I was overjoyed to hear the choir part at the end. It was an idea to have an outro to a movie project we have running and to have something where everyone could be involved (even though it became something more than the ending of a movie). Once I had the song out, Ludi helped me mix and master it and Emily helped me get the choir part tight. We then recorded everyone, Ludi put down some falsetto and the next day we had a slot of an hour or so to do a video. We had no idea how it would turn out. We wanted to wear some different clothes than we normally wear, so we asked everyone to bring their clothes down. I was drawn to a red china dress. The rest you see. We then remembered Ludi had a wish of putting on dresses and such. His wish came true! I was surprised with the idea for the men’s clothes at the diner table while being emotionless came in. We were leaving that day and expression session was on the tail end, so again there wasn’t much time. But, HS arranged everything and what fun every moment was. Thank you to everyone! There was nothing but support from everyone in every moment and it couldn’t have happened any other way! I love that feeling”

As we side, we decide to stay
In your eyes here and now and always
No mystery, you are here for us
We’re coming out, unleashed, unbound

No doubt we can feel you’re near
Coming out, it’s become so clear
In stride onwards together
Thankfully you are here

We’re here to wear the crown
We’re not hanging round
We want to set it straight
Seal our minds from hate
Not going away for a second
Check it, tired of going astray
Na we won’t let it
We’re all up in this
We want an experience
To set our mind at ease
We want your peace
Not laxing on this for a moment
This is your show
We know you’ll keep your promise

You show me how
You show me now
You take me higher
You take me home to you

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