Wow what a shock, by Dan

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Wow what a shock, by Dan

Living in community 24/7

WOW, what a shock to my mind LIVING in community 24/7. Even though it’s what I knew I wanted for years I still had no idea how it would play out.

After about 4 days I experienced huge anger over a 12 hour period and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I didn’t ask for help but instead exploded at an expression session.


After that I was introduced to the Instrument for Peace form, and with great guidance from a mighty companion, I finally got the message how to change my mind about my unconscious beliefs, and my desires for a choice for peace.

I am getting triggered constantly but now I have some tools to deal with them, plus some great movies really showing the ego at work and how it tricks us, lurking around just waiting to pounce unexpectedly. Then hiding in on our pain, so it’s the last place we want to look. But for me it’s really knowing I don’t want the upset, and I am willing to exchange it for peace.

22_revolver2Let Spirit flow through me

And of course the whole structure of community living with mind training, and healing, and learning to focus and connect with Spirit, and the great support of the facilitators and the other people in community (the mighty companions) and the safety to do it all.

For me it’s changing the old program, and my willingness to accept the new, and how it’s presented to me. To allow my old self get out of the way, and let Spirit flow through me. Jesus at the helm.

In Love and light,




  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Dan.

  2. Lovely to hear about your experience Dan! Much love, Valerie

  3. Thank you for your openness 🙂

  4. Simply heartwarming Dan. Thank you! <3

  5. You are such an inspiration Dan. Thank you for taking the steps and sharing so openly. <3

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