Being Done Through, by Dylan

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Being Done Through, by Dylan

It is with deep gratitude and appreciation I write about this joyous video, made to reflect the Joy that we are.   What need is there for difficulties and problems, when One has overcome the world!? In this very Moment, Here and Now, the Joy that is our Being is willing to shine forth as the Light that we are. When I was asked to make the video I had no idea what to do, yet I had complete faith in my Self, the Will of God, that I would know all that I needed to know in the moment. Then, almost immediately, what areas of the grounds would be helpful, in what order and the various motions of the camera were given. I knew to stay as the Presence that is the Present Moment and just have fun with this. These projects aren’t there to be done, but to watch the mind and have fun while they are being done.

While filming the video, I was brought deeper into the conscious experience of Self. I was consciously Feeling myself as God in Movement, Love in action, the Movement of Mind that is Creation. I became like a child, where everything was taken care of, so I didn’t need to take thought for anything. I was flowing gracefully and effortlessly down the stream, as the stream, with everything always new, always alive, always vibrant in each moment. Reminded that there is no need to use past learning to try and figure out the present or future, I can always solely rely on Present Guidance for everything, ultimately knowing myself as the Voice that is God’s Son. IMG_0672This very instant is the only moment there is, where nothing is going on but Me; knowing all that I am, you are too! We share one Mind, one Self, one Being. Feel the Joy in this Ease and effortlessness. Step back and let Him lead the way, and be showered in eternal Peace and washed in a pool of consistent Happiness. You are the Inspiration in all that is done and the Light in which all is seen. Thanks is given for all that you are! Enjoy this wonderful collaboration. All glory to the Father.   .


  1. Ahhh, love it! Summer breeze, I feel fine…

  2. Shining the light, thanks Dylan

  3. Love you, Lynne. Stay perfect 😀

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