“Everyone Is Jesus”, by Marieke

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“Everyone Is Jesus”, by Marieke

A Tsunami of Joy
… is shaking the Living Miracles Spain Community to the core!! Helena and Al from the band The Open Heart have arrived in the Spain Community, and there’s no escaping from the Joy that they are spreading around. Yay!! 

When it comes down to Real Joy, we can feel that Helena and Al are totally connected to this experience. They have faced the ego thoughts in the mind for many years; they have gone truly deep with it, and have allowed themselves to release and forgive. Now they spread the blessing of Joy, which radiates as a Joy not of this world. 

The Real Deal
All of us have had the thought “What am I doing all this mind training for?” enter the mind. Well, the Open Heart shows us clearly what lies beyond ego-thinking: JOY! The Real Deal Joy!!! 

fb jesus_marieke It’s palpable in their presence, it’s palpable in their songs, it’s palpable in their talks and hugs. They are not only the living demonstration of that, but they also show us that this Joy extends Itself effortlessly. Their strong invitation to join in the Joy feels inescapable and catching. It even invited me in to see Jesus by the pool the other day, and having a Jesus Party to celebrate! I even heard myself saying something that I never thought would come out of my mouth, and which is: “Thank you Jesus!!!”. Because certain Christian idea’s felt heavy to me, Jesus had always been a “non symbol”, but that seems to be changing now with this experience. Later we even danced to the song “Everyone Is Jesus” and it literally pulled me up and out of the couch, to dance, and I am slowly opening up to the possibility to the reality of this statement.

Stepping onto that train
Ego might feel run over by a train here, but we, the Christ mind, simply enjoy stepping onto that train, because it is headed to pure Love and Joy. Being on this train is what constitutes the Resurrection of the mind to its Wholeness, and so it gives us all the more reason to go full steam ahead. Love and Joy: here we come!! Thank you Jesus!!!

With all My Love, Marieke

This is The Open Heart


  1. Thank you Jesus! <3

  2. Beautiful Marieke!
    Such an Inspiration with the Jesus experience ! ThankYou for sharing this! Love You! <3 <3 <3

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