“Falling into The Open Heart”, by Ludvig

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“Falling into The Open Heart”, by Ludvig

As I am writing this, Helena and Al have been with us for little over a week, and so much has already shifted in the mind. I cannot put words to all of it, but I want to share about my experience of having two remixes come through, of their songs “Host To Godand “Letter From God”.

Transcendental message of release
The idea to remix songs from Journey Inward felt very inspiring to me. To do a remix is a way of connecting deeply with a song and letting a new expression of it take shape. I feel blessed with the opportunity to be with the transcendental message of release that these songs convey. Each of the remixes took shape within the space of one day – it felt like two concentrated lessons in allowing Spirit to guide me in an area where I have tons of past learning and some rather sticky ego patterns. I became very aware of these patters as the first remix (“Host To God”) was coming through. My aim is to be sensitive while having the music come through me, noticing even the slightest contraction in the heart (a sure sign that ego thoughts are present), and then to realign as quickly as possible. I am grateful that Helena and Al are helping me in this practice with the music. I feel how perfect it is that Spirit has put us together!

You can listen to the remix of “Host To God” here:

A complete bundle of light
As I was starting to work on the second remix (“Letter From God”), I began by sitting with eyes closed, opening up to connecting with the “essence” of the remix that was to come through. Oh my. It was so beautiful in my mind that I almost couldn’t summarize it – I knew that I would never be able to express more than a tiny fraction of that beauty. Nonetheless, the purpose here is undoing and not to try to make something perfect, so I stepped into it, and wow… The ideas came to me in such a non-linear way that I had no idea how to get it all together. The inspiration for a piece of music sometimes feels like a complete bundle of light being downloaded, and then it somehow has to be strung out in a linear time-sequence to “make sense” (but I am starting to experience now that this isn’t really what is going on…).

Light openness and joy
The first thing I heard was a symphony of birdsong and other sounds from nature. Al provided a recording of frogs that was used in combination with other field-recordings from different parts of the world. I sat in front of my music-program with all the ideas swirling around in my mind, watching something taking shape in a completely different tempo and time-signature than the original version… I couldn’t fathom how I would possibly be able to fit the vocals into what was pouring through. I actually got scared and thought that I must have got it wrong, that I was somehow “losing it”. The trust was clearly lacking in that moment, so I went into prayer. And just then, Al came and delivered me the prompt to go outside and sweep up some leaves in my area, as a way to loosen up from the blocks I was feeling. I happily followed, and it took about 5 seconds of sweeping before things fell into place in my mind: Helena’s voice was supposed to soar in a beatless, ambient space during the “verses” of the song, and the new rhythms were to be the structure holding it up, emphasizing the central message of the song: “I love you… sooo.” “How simple!” I thought, in amazement over how quick and total the shift was in my mind, from resistance and doubt to a light openness and joy.

A hidden door had somehow opened in my heart
From then on, I just flowed with it while deep emotions were surfacing within me – layers and layers of what seemed to be sadness. It felt so good to really be in touch with the emotions. My mind was opening to seeing a glimpse of the incomprehensible beauty that Spirit wants to give me, and at the same time feeling that I wasn’t yet ready to receive more than a glimpse. So there was sadness passing through, but I was also in touch with something so precious and pristine within me; as if a hidden door had somehow opened in my heart and revealed something beyond all words and sounds of this world. That which I have been searching for all along. It has always been here.

Here you can listen to the remix of “Letter From God“:

My desire is to continue falling into the Open Heart.

Thank You for all the wonderful symbols,

showing me the way Home

to You.



  1. Absolutely in Love with you Luddi!

  2. Thank you soooo much for sharing this process. So Beautiful x

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Luddi! You are a Gift to Me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. <3 <3 <3

  5. So happy to read your comment Sonia – thank you for connecting! <3

  6. Love you Sine! <3

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