Forgetting the World to Remember God, by Sue

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Forgetting the World to Remember God, by Sue

On Saturday I tried to get some cash from an ATM using my debit card, but the machine said I got the pin number wrong. I tried it again a couple times, same problem. “Oh God!” I thought, “I’ll try just once more before I leave.”

Alas! In one swift move, my card was gobbled into the machine, giving rise to a flashing notice saying: “Your card has been captured.”



Oh no! My one way of accessing funds gone! Here in a foreign country a million miles away from my bank in Australia! Intense thoughts of loss, inattentiveness and insecurity rose up.

But I quickly realized there could be no real threat, as I was surrounded by emissaries of the Spirit, my loving brothers, and I let the fearful thoughts pass by, mostly. I recognized this same bundle of thought from the night before, when I had prayed for the willingness to turn and face my lurking belief in vulnerability and to put my full trust in Spirit instead. I was willing to let whatever needed to happen, happen—and here it was.

Monday morning sharp I was at the local HSBC bank but they were unable to help me, as the ATM is emptied and restocked by a third party.

sunflower 006Mmm. Next step? Pray! …which was followed by the inspiration to drive by Soriana supermarket where the ATM is and ask the guard if he could suggest anything. So I went with my mighty mate Fernando and we spoke to the guard who was helpful and offered to take our phone number and call us, when and if, the armored truck came to recharge the machine.

To cut a long story short, this guard wasn’t on duty in the afternoon, but he had passed our number on to the next guy who called us! Fernando and I flew up to Soriana on wings of angels and presented ourselves in front of three gun-toting guards who were just emptying a small stack of credit cards…mine included!

We barely said a word! I showed him my passport. He smiled, I returned his smile a thousand fold in my immense gratitude as he recognized me and returned the card into my hot little hands!

sunflower 001Wahoo!! My Australian bank later said the return of a card captured by an ATM was unheard of! A Miracle!

I am so grateful. The Spirit used this opportunity to show me my true invulnerability and to help me recognize that forgetting, which seems to be happening a lot lately, is actually a sign of the world fading, giving rise to the remembrance of the happy world revealed as we walk the way of forgiveness.

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  1. Sue, you are such an inspiration to me! Your mere presence continues to be a witness to who I am. David stated that , “Nothing is random. It’s all the Spirit’s plan.” And me being here in Mexico with you is no accident! What a beautiful and gentle Soul you are. Your unwavering trust in God is not suprising. I witness it everyday in you!

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