Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles, by Lynne

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Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles, by Lynne

I would like to share this healing experience before I leave the community tomorrow.

We had been watching the movie Philomena and it brought strongly to my present awareness an old hatred and unforgiveness. I was able to express this unforgiveness against a doctor I blamed for the mis-diagnosis of my mother’s terminal illness forty plus years ago.

I was amazed the next morning, during a journaling session, to come to a full awareness that my grievance, hidden all these years, was actually against myself for not fully healing a rift with my mother before she died.

photo 2This brought up a huge well of sorrow and, as I went outside to my task of sweeping the pool surrounds, I saw a beautiful big butterfly struggling desperately to escape from a spider web. I freed it gently with a stick and it flew in instant gratitude high towards a nearby tree.

Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from Heaven on a dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures come to die. Now they have water. Now the world is green. And everywhere the signs of life spring up, to show that what is born can never die, for what has life has immortality. W-pII.13.5.

I am reminded that Spirit brought me here to learn these things, and now is taking me back to apply them to my relationships with husband, family and friends. I trust that I have learned to not bury and ignore lessons that still need to be learned.

Huge gratitude is due to all my brothers who have supported and guided me during my stay at La Casa. I love you all, you will be in my heart forever. Lynne


  1. Love You dear Lynne! Thank you for everything!

  2. Dear Lynne, it’s so good to hear your journey to La Casa has been so rich in all ways. Love you lots xx

  3. Wonderful miracle sharing, thank you.

  4. Dearly loved and loving friend,

    Thank you for your support towards the Whole and our re-awakening. It truly has been joyous with wonderful miracles, indeed. Thank you for sharing the Inspiration and Love. May you continue, knowing that we are always held, and are all joined with you in Purpose.

    In gratitude for all that You Are,
    rest Joyously in Peace

  5. Lynne, thank you for sharing this, it’s beautiful. And I can’t believe you are already about to leave La Casa!

  6. Back in NZ now and immensely grateful to you all for your continuing love and support.

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