The Gift of Being Grateful, by KJ

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The Gift of Being Grateful, by KJ

As I am experiencing the last day of my stay at the Spain community, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

This last weekend a group of us went to Nerja to look at a potential property for Living Miracles Europe and to visit some friends that are living at this property.  The place felt like a warm embrace, like a secluded safe haven in the middle of the Costa del Sol. The property is filled with all sorts of fruits and vegetables which for me reflects the abundance of the Kingdom.

The weekend was filled with miracles and as we were driving back to Alozaina, this deep sense of gratitude started welling up inside of me. Nothing specific had happened except a reflection of many loving companions, all on the path, and I could see so clearly that there is nothing but gratitude for all of it. The question came to mind “Can I find any reason not to be grateful?”.

I’ve heard from different “teachers” and “pathways” to find 10 things you are grateful for, and I think this is a beautiful stepping stone. However, as the mind deepens, this question about specifics has to fall away and I could see that gratitude is a natural state of the Mind to be in. It is gratitude about the Truth being True, and nothing else. Gratitude that everything is perfect as it is and that there is NOTHING lacking from the Kingdom. Gratitude to my brothers who are one with me fulfilling their part of the plan so perfectly. The only reason why I would not experience this permanent state of gratitude is if the ego’s reasons for lack of gratitude are believed in. But this must be insane! How can I not be grateful for everything, when everything is given to me by God for my awakening. It has to be this way, it is so simple. “If God wills perfect happiness for me, it must be so, and I can only experience something out of accord with this if I believe the insane idea that I could be unhappy”, so “Who is it that is unhappy?”

“Is this really me?”

“Can my experience be real if I am not happy or grateful?”.

In every moment this gratitude is there for us. There is nothing we have to fulfill or attain in order to be worthy of receiving this. It is ours now! And is there any reason not to be grateful for this now?

So I say to you now, Thank you so so much for everything that You are! You are so worthy of this Gift of Gratitude.


  1. Amen!

  2. Love it!

  3. Thanks KJ!

  4. Very well expressed via that focusing question “Can I find any reason not to be grateful?”

  5. Thank you Kris! This is perfect for me in this moment. To drop deep into this…before my lawyer appointment. Acceptance. Gratitude.

  6. Thanks KJ, a beautiful reminder <3

  7. Love you so beautiful KJ!

  8. So beautifully expressed <3

  9. Woot wooot! Thanks Brother ♥

  10. Thanks & simply love you KJ!

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