The Gift of Presence, by Peter Kirk

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The Gift of Presence, by Peter Kirk

When I was just about to leave La Casa de Milagros, going around for goodbye hugs, it struck me how it really didn’t feel like goodbye. And I couldn’t help but express it a couple times, that the feeling of connection, that present joining, felt continuous wherever I was to go. It came with a feeling of neutrality and ease. It feels like an aspect of the peace of God, that reflection of consistency where there is no coming and going.

It was beautiful to have this consistency of connection reaffirmed when I hopped on the plane. The lady who sat down next to me launched into conversation without hesitation, and we ended up talking non-stop for the whole 3 hour flight! She started sharing about her interests and hobbies, then to her experience of moving to Mexico from the States, and finally about her family visit she was now embarking on. The cool thing was just the allowance and acceptance I felt for giving her my full attention, I just felt completely there given to the moment. There were times when I was feeling out what to share, but mostly I found I didn’t have to think, what was there to be shared just flowed out naturally at the right time.


Most profoundly, when she shared about visiting her sister and her fear of being judged for her lifestyle I felt guided to share about mind watching. I was just sharing in joy how cool it is to watch our own reactions and then notice, “Oh, I still must have that belief about myself!” and in that way how helpful all these joinings are. She lit up when I said that, and proclaimed, “I’m going to use that!” I felt a big sparkly rush of Spirit with her response. Her eyes were sparkling and I had such a feeling of a deep loving connection!

It felt like a great confirmation for my mind as well. I’m about to embark on a tour in Australia with Melanie, and occasionally in the past weeks I’ve watched doubt thoughts slip in about “What do I have to share”? What this plane trip and many of the joinings at La Casa have reflected for me recently is that I do have a gift that is most worthy of sharing, and that is simply being present! What a relief! There isn’t an expectation of having the right words or being a good teacher of God however that looks, it’s just simply joining, being present and allowing! Spirit handles all the details.

I’m glad I have this to share and so many to share it with! Mel and I have been in communication with many keen to join us on the tour, there’s such a feeling of coming together in joy! I’m looking forward to all the holy encounters and seeing what Spirit has in store for us, miracles abound! 🙂

With so much love and many blessings!!


  1. Thanks Peter,
    Love you!

  2. What a beautiful sharing Peter! Thanks. Much love to you! and miraculous and ongoing joyous and blissful encounters.

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