A Golf Course in Miracles, by Craig

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A Golf Course in Miracles, by Craig

Just before flying from Mexico to Florida for a number of weeks to teach some golf, my leg swelled up like a pumpkin, as if it were a tire inflated by a bicycle pump. It got even worse with hours of constant standing and teaching in Florida.

But, after praying, a doctor figure appeared to me on the golf practice area, hitting golf balls and wearing only his blue operating theatre clothes. I remember at the time thinking it seemed quite surreal.

See picture:
George ClooneyWell, it’s not him exactly.

The doctor proceeded to approach me and after some casual chat and a short golf lesson, he told me he was a leg specialist and I should immediately go to the hospital for a scan. This Holy Spirit/doctor figure set an appointment for me and arranged the scan for $100 instead of $450. This was the beginning of Spirit taking care of my money fears.

After a fairly morbid diagnosis, which I declined to let affect me, coupled with Suzanne reminding me to not feel guilty about non-payment of possible bills, I was admitted to hospital. I just told them the truth: no money, no insurance, no expectations and no possibility to fly or hop back to Mexico with this condition!

There then followed three days and nights of intensive treatment, which included fifteen blood tests at $360 each, lots of food served  by a waiter in a waistcoat and a silver tray, a permanent drip in my arm and some beautiful love and attention. Total cost $15,000 plus.

When it was time to leave I certainly expected to have a visit from “Hospital Administration Suits,” and had plotted my escape route. So what happened? I literally was escorted out of the hospital by a very pleasant orderly, without ever having given them a permanent address, any proof of who this character was and, most importantly, I received no bill!

With the Holy Spirit’s guidance my negative assumptions about the American health care system dissolved and my trust increased.


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  1. I love this story – including the fact that the doctor came up to you onto the golf course wearing his operating gown, like he’s from central casting! So how did your leg hold up after the long flight home?

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