Hasta Luego Alozaina, by Valerie

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Hasta Luego Alozaina, by Valerie

I’m leaving here tomorrow and I’m feeling such gratitude for my time here with the community. It’s difficult to find words to express the feeling in my heart but I’ll give it a go …..

I feel that every aspect of the experience here has been a gift – from the physical backdrop in this beautiful part of Spain to all the joinings and deep explorations with everyone.

My experience of being in the steward role has been a great opportunity to step up out of the personal “stuff”. When the old thoughts come in around not getting it right, I could make a mistake or that people don’t like what I’m doing, I really can’t afford to entertain those thoughts and go down the dark spiral of guilt and fear. My function comes first and if I jump on the ego train then I’m not available to the Spirit for what is needed here with everyone and so I have good reason to stay on that razor’s edge in my mind. Anything else would be hell. It feels like more and more I can see the ego thoughts as being outside of me. This is particularly clear during expression sessions or one to ones where other people are expressing attack, fear and guilt thoughts. I don’t believe those thoughts when I hear them spoken through other mouths so why would I believe them in my own mind? I have great appreciation for everyone here and the courage it takes to take off the filter and express openly. It gets very juicy around our expression table as all feelings are allowed into awareness and we get underneath the upsets. It feels very inspiring for me to be part of this healing in action.

The backdrop of the house and village here has also been a beautiful reflection. There have been many Holy Encounters in the local shops and at the weekly vegetable market. It seems like we don’t speak Spanish and they don’t speak English but we have beautiful communications nonetheless.

My heart is full of the richness of our many joinings together – laughing around the pool in the evenings, outings to the village and collaborating all together on music videos. I have deep and heartfelt gratitude for Frances and her presence here. She is a demonstration of complete trust in Spirit and there is a lovely ease and flow around her. Her trust inspires me to trust and I can feel a deeper opening in myself.

So with much love, appreciation and gratitude in my heart, I say hasta luego to the community here in Alozaina and head for Ireland knowing we stay connected despite seeming distances. And as always in this community it won’t be long until we meet again in some constellation in some place.


  1. Love, love, love to you Val, xxxxxxxxxx

  2. So beautiful Val – I am so grateful for the ability to have met you. You did so well. All my best wishes for your ongoing journey, all Gods blessings. May angels hover over every step you take. Please give my love to all the wonderful people in Ireland we both know. Until we meet again – with deep love Ursula

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