It’s Not Personal, by Frances

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It’s Not Personal, by Frances

In an audio by Frances, she speaks to some concerns voiced during an expression session this morning.

Here are some of her ideas:

Nothing I experience is personal. The same applies to you. Don’t make it a problem about yourself.

Don’t judge yourself; don’t conclude; just accept what is.

I don’t understand things or feelings in the middle of them. It’s perfect. So I don’t try to label it or solve anything. Clarity comes after with perspective. Share your specifics, but don’t hold on to them.

I’m given this role to hold this community together, so I feel something that is not at all Frances. Something may move through, but it’s not me.

[People had been projecting on Sue, the community steward.]

You will feel what is going on in this community. Just tune into what is called for, what is given, the group inspiration.

Sue: I feel personally responsible for this whole mind. It’s my fault. If somehow I can fix it, it will assuage the guilt.

Frances: Yes, wash away personal feelings. If the community is in Purpose, I feel good. My role is my happiness, my life. It is the same with you.


  1. Frances, I love to hear you speak of how connected you are to us here and now. I feel it. I love that you prefer to be with us rather than to go off and “teach” something intellectual somewhere else.

  2. I feel so grateful for you Frances. A few words and a deep Presence comes through you to hold all the group together. I feel all the Love you have for everyone and everything. You do not judge the form…you are the perfect demonstration of All is perfect as it is……In the Presence of Trust…I just surrender and say YES!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for those words!!! Beautiful reminders to make it simpler and smoother on my mind….on my false believes…letting go deeper and gently. Trusting what is!

  4. There is soo much comfort and wisdom in your words and presence.

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