The Inevitability of the Miraculous, by Pete

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The Inevitability of the Miraculous, by Pete

Pete has been sharing with me his perspective of seeing the inter-connectedness of everything from a more scientific perspective. We had a few deep talks where we looked from both metaphysical and scientific perspectives at the impossibility of judging, the craziness of breaking things apart, how the script is written and nothing can be different than what is. They bring the mind to a deep place of acceptance of what is, to non-judgment.

His way of expressing reminds me of Alan Watts’ talk about how flowers and bees are the same organism. One cannot exist without the other, and yet our definition, which incorporates the seeming differences in form and the space in between, stops us from recognizing the sameness of them.

Pete shared how his passion wasn’t expressed much in the past due to a seeming lack of interest from others. He did allow all the expression to pour through in writing at one stage, however.

Here is a snippet of his expression about reality:


The Inevitability of the Miraculous

A wave is not what it seems. It appears to be a discrete entity – a wave composed of water – but this is a misperception. It is entirely true to say that a wave has no existence at all other than a zone of relationship between (say) water and air. What it is is an outline of relationship itself – made visible and manifest. And it cannot be considered anything else. The shape which the water takes on corresponds with absolute precision to the shape of the air, and each is determined solely by their relationship with one another. This is only possible because they are two aspects of a single reality.

Both are one together as the communicating medium of reality itself, and cause and effect moves between these seeming parts. It moves with perfect freedom and absolute fidelity, and this is possible only because together they are a single reality.

No matter how intense the commotion at this boundary, the two cannot separate. Since they are not and cannot be separate, they must negotiate their relationship together, and it is simply this “relationship” which appears as this expression of reality known as “waves.”

Relationship then is nothing more than the “shape” of the interface which becomes visible or perceivable at the boundary where two apparently separate aspects of reality intersect.

Oneness and: (The seeming parts of reality + the perceivable “shape” of the interface between them (relationship)) are therefore entirely one and the same thing.

Or: (The seeming parts of reality + the perceivable “shape” of the interface between them (relationship)) are the movements of a single reality.

waveWaves are miraculous: their seemingly infinite variety. That such beauty can seem to fade away – yet complete certainty is preserved that they will reappear – exactly the same yet entirely different – effortlessly and without seeming plan.

Here is how this is possible: Miraculous complexity is held within the simplicity of a single oneness. What seems to be separated but is one has no choice but to be in relationship, and the “miraculous” is simply this appearance of relationship playing out at the seeming interface between them.

Since no apparently separate aspect has ANY possibility or ability to assume a “shape” or “movement” which does not maintain it in perfect absolute relationship or interface with everything else, the appearance of the apparently miraculous – such as beauty, symmetry or coordinated motion – becomes entirely easy and inevitable.

“Your body” is simply the perceivable “shape” of relationship.

There is NOTHING about it’s structure (eyes, ears, arms, hands, stomach, lungs), or it’s behaviors (speaking, hearing, seeing, moving) that can be considered anything but relationship made visible – at the interface between those physical aspects of reality which are experienced as the body and those which are not. “You” ARE relationship made perceivable.

The appearance of the miraculous set of relationships that seems to be “your body” then, is simply an example of the inevitable miracle. All that is required is the manifestation of “reoccurrence” as one aspect of relationship, and some form of the miracle of evolution is entirely inevitable. The miracle of “bodies” then, arises just as effortlessly and inevitably, and with the same infinite possibility for variety as do waves.

All this is also the reason why we do not really have any choice but to deal with one another.



  1. Pete this is great! The first of many I hope : )

  2. I welcome this type of discussion. It has always seemed strange that there should be some who find science as a threat to God. Rather I see science as discovering the marvelous ways God works. Science is the art of uncovering and interpreting what has always been. Whether it is via a big bang or in the fullness of time however you want to describe it has no affect on a faith that inhabits the hearts and a brain that appreciates the complexity of a ever changing habitation during our brief journey in a life time.

  3. Thank you Reverend.
    I must say I feel moved that you chose to reply. I had forgotten this, but you reminded me that when this particular idea came in it was when I had in mind the creationist argument that life is too miraculous to have come about from the “randomness” of evolution. Then I looked down and saw the remains of my dinner on my plate – beetroot juice mixed in with olive oil – it was a genuine work of art!! And my friend’s plate was the same yet entirely different. And suddenly it was clear that perfection simply must arise. 🙂

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