Not my way but the Highway, by Jenny J.

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Not my way but the Highway, by Jenny J.

Back to Sweden

Well, tomorrow it is time for me to go back home to Sweden again. I actually didn’t know that four weeks could pass that fast! I am so grateful for this time in the community together with my mighty companions, and with Li and Jenny!

From left to right: Catherine, Li & Jenny J.

I will step back 

I feel very excited to go home to keep on doing this practice of handing everything over to Spirit and remember to tune in and stay aligned. Also to stay in the present moment and trust. Not trying to change the screen or have it “my” way. From now on it is the High Way, God’s way that I will follow, with all the guidelines, prompts and inspiration from Holy Spirit! I am taken care of, I am never ever alone and fear doesn’t exist! I don´t have to figure anything out. What a relief! “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”

peaceful warrior 2.Two movies

I also highly want to recommend two movies that are really good for your healing of the mind: The peaceful warrior and Revolver! My God they were good! How to meet your own fears and have them turn into peace and not avoiding them, and also realize that I am not my ego. “I can see you, but I am not you!” So powerful!

A warm, happy heart

And this wonderful retreat with Jenny “Into the Stillness” was beautiful and deep. Thank you so much! So I am leaving a sunny, lovely Spain and return back to a beautiful, cold autumn in Sweden (my favorite season actually…) with a warm, happy heart full of love and gratitude for everyone here in Alozaina!

Hasta la vista everyone!
Loads of love from Jenny J.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jenny J, I loved reading it! <3

  2. I love you Jenny!! <3

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