Joining in Community ❤ Bandol France ❤ by Linda O’Flaherty

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Joining in Community ❤ Bandol France ❤ by Linda O’Flaherty

Community is a state of mind, the idea comes first and then the Mighty Companions appear to join, answering the call!

I have been yearning for this space to come to rest and open my mind for healing.  It took me over 24 hours to get here by detour and distraction as Hurricane Bridget swept through my mind and shut down most airports in Ireland and UK.  I arrive in Bandol softened and ready.  Joining  for a short time with a mighty few, Petra, Dan and Ole it seems an almost immediate experience of Now, of One.

We watch together ‘Inception’, and like Ariadne, I cannot remember how I got here or what came before. It feels pointless to even try to remember. In this moment there feels to be only a movement forward, a coming home.

I have a task: to walk to town and buy some Salmon, a celebratory meal from our joint kitty.

I reach the outskirts and drop my thinking and follow the music, deciding to trust, I walk and walk, listening and following and around the corner there it is, the fish stall. It seems to be placed in the middle of the pavement, where there are no other stalls, just for me, and all he has is Salmon. Such joy, what a moment, not to have the fish, but to have had the trust, to know God loves me and to feel his arms around me in the salt spray and the bright light.

I am forever happy here in this….

As the week flows there are moments of clarity and moments of doubt but always an opening to express and join. We are watching movies together and exposing our limiting thoughts, after we watch’ Limitless ’ we drop more ‘concepts’ of ‘purpose’ and ‘means’ and we have a full day of internet connection where previously there was none… a Miracle indeed.

We are connected now, we always were, we always will be.

Love you



Bandol ‘Selfie’….. (or Holy encounter with an OS!)

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