Leading, Following, Guidance and Honesty

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Leading, Following, Guidance and Honesty

Thoughts expressed at lunch:

If you don’t feel confident to assert yourself in leading and in telling people, “This is how it is,” you will feel off, uninspired; you will have projections.

When we are following we learn to relinquish our own judgment. We are here to learn to release the “I know” mind, which is competing with the Spirit’s Voice all the time.

Now in a leadership role, it’s challenging because there will be a fear of delivering what you feel, especially when it seems there is no obedience. Are you to address it or not? How?

All of you, see how much you can follow the person in charge of the area. Look at your unwillingness to follow, and relinquish it. You can’t be a good leader until you get rid of your “I know what I want to do” ideas.

IMG_1602A leader stays with the Spirit’s prompt and acts on it without compromise, without even believing any other ego thoughts that come up. Am I willing to move ahead with it swiftly, without concern for people pleasing? This platform is just for you to use for your mind training, to be attentive to the Spirit’s prompt and let go of your grievances.

How can I let go of my “I know” mind?

Just stay willing to be authentic, to expose and to detach from your opinions when you are told “no.” Watch how many opinions you may have about other people’s areas.

We hear the guidance. The real question is, do we have the courage to follow it? Honesty is about consistency of thought, word and behavior, with no deception. The truly honest cannot judge, because they cannot adopt a false position.

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  1. Such profound teaching for happiness in the world.

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