Leaving Amsterdam, Letter 1, by Petra

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Leaving Amsterdam, Letter 1, by Petra

Petra wrote a series of letters to the Living Miracles Community in Alozaina, Spain and other friends around the world. She wrote her first letter during a visit to Amsterdam to sort out her things, after she had been living in the community for three months.

Dear Stewards and lovely Mighties,
30th May 2013

Oh man, I’m feeling good. It’s 5 am, and very quiet in the apartment-block, and I just cannot deny the urge I feel to write to you all!

The drive with Isabel to the Malaga airport was great. It felt like going on an outing and we shared openly a lot around “reflections of one’s mind” and “projection makes perception.” My parents were there at the other side to pick me up. Both smiling big-time, so sweet, so cute, they are both around their 80’s and heartbreaking loving towards me and others. There were 3 teardrops and loads of laughter. We had a nice small dinner at the airport and afterwards they brought me to my house, 30 min. away from the airport.

Transfer of training
At first I was a bit afraid that I would be overwhelmed by all the impressions “outside.” I mean I have not been out a lot the last months, not even further than the tiny villages Alozaina and Coin : ) I did see my thoughts were going into the direction of “inside/outside” and “us/them,” meaning “we 976611_604261309586218_1997474050_oof La Casa + other mighties” apart from others, business and loud noises. I could, however, clearly recall the words  of David’s Going Deeper about the subject/object-split.

I sat down, breathed in-and-out, closed my eyes for a while and I felt aligned again. Yes lovely, this is where “the rubber hits the road” and “now it’s really time to practice what I’ve learned” and “I can‘t go back” even if it seems to be like that in form. I feel like Ricki often tells us: the Spirit’s got yaaaaa’!!!! There was music all along the way. Really all over the place and in every corner and it served me sooooo well. At the airports, in the bathroom, in the plane, at the parking lot and in the cars.

It feels like all my senses have become even more receptive to whatever. I noticed that all the figures and noises were actually in the background (oh man, really really without any effort or striving) and that music was the real teaser were my attention easily and happily was drawn to, where else could it go, duuuuu. Beautiful lyrics exactly suited for that particular moment. A warm blanket covering over all constructs, a tender connecting love-device. Lay down now and rest. Aaaaah, my thought-constructs melt down like marshmallows in a campfire. And then followed by sweet sweet feelings of surrendering… Thank youuuuu Spirit, you certainly have me Dude! : )

It was there all of the time.
Being surprised about how comforting and nourishing this felt in this particular situation, I had a thought of”Why didn’t I see this before?” I mean every problem would have been solved if I could have experienced it like this.

Yes, I feel myself passionately drown to this fast-track right now. I cannot tell you how beautiful and lovely I think this template is, with you all. You all live in my heart and I am simply soooo happy to be with you here!

Loving you simply very much,


  1. Geweldig Petra, dank voor het delen van dit gezegende moment!
    Beautiful Petra, thanks for sharing this blissed moment ! <3 <3

  2. Love you Petra! Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. Jane Marie, Is this the Jane Marie that was at the campground in Utah last May? I am the older woman bunking with Lorie. Just wondering how you and Peter are doing. You helped me swim in the reservoir and that was the best moment of my time in Utah. I am also a friend of Connie Poole and met you first in Southern Indiana as you were driving to Utah. Hope all is well with you two. Would love to hear from you.

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