A Letter Home, by Sharon

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A Letter Home, by Sharon

Here is a letter Sharon wrote to her mother to describe her experience at Awakening Mind Mexico.

Dear Mom,

Hello.  How are you doing?
I wanted to share with you a little of my experience here. Mexico is truly beautiful. I am witnessing and experiencing so many miracles here. They are not the miracles of “walking on water ” or “physical healings” (well, actually people don’t really get sick here, and when they do, it doesn’t seem to last long at all) or “turning water into wine,” but they are miracles of the mind, changes in perception.
I have been blessed to see long-held hatred turned into unconditional love. I’ve watched relationships heal, grievances dropped, anger subside and Love for ourselves and one another be embraced.
Everyone’s purpose, at the community in Mexico, is to deepen their relationship with God via forgiveness… to view the world and others through God’s eyes. As we all learn to deepen our trust in the Holy Spirit, we are able to hear/see His guidance more clearly. The next step is to follow. It’s not always easy to do but everybody here is very supportive and continues to encourage and support each other.
Words cannot describe the beauty of my experience(s) and the deepening of my love for others and for myself. It is truly a healing and opening of my heart to the Love of God. I am so glad that I extended my stay. I have no regrets.  How my life will unfold after this, I do not know. And that is perfectly okay. I feel very safe in the hands of God. I’ve nothing to worry about… and when I choose to worry, I’ve got the Holy Spirit to call on to help me to once again remember just Who’s Hands I’m In.
All is well and Love abounds!
I Love You,



  1. I love you Sharon. You’re a shining gift to this community!

  2. I love you Sharon. I can feel the love that exudes from you. See you soon!
    Love, Desi

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