Message from Eva

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Message from Eva

This blog I dedicate to all of you here at the Living Miracles Community in Alozaina. I have never written a blog before but I guess it is just a modern word for a written letter, a message.

I came here 4 days ago and I will leave you in about 1½ days. It might seem like a short time, very short. But right now it feels to me like a whole life time. Is there anything else? Right now I can weakly recall, as in a fog, what I did 5 days ago.

I have longed to come here for a long time; I thought I knew about how it would be. But it was much, much bigger than I could have imagined …

Since there are no words that can give a fair description I choose to stop here. I feel that we all know what we’ve shared and I will have it in my heart forever.

If there is anyone anywhere who wants to know more about how it was for me to get into a Living Miracles Community at lightning speed, you are welcome to email me at [email protected].

Thank you for holding the truth when I couldn’t see it!  I’m grateful!

Love you!!!


  1. We love you Eva!!! Thank you so much for your presence here…

  2. You are in my heart. I am deeply grateful for our meeting. Much love to you.

  3. I’m so grateful for your presence here Eva, you are very brave! Love you!

  4. I am intrigued and interested in what happened and how it was for you. You did say to write if you wanted to know more about it – I would love to know more.

    Thank you


  5. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Frances <3

  7. <3 <3 🙂

  8. Yes!? We are brave!! 🙂 <3

  9. Kerri and KJ!
    Thanks for your support!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

  10. Hello Nicky!

    I would be happy to tell you more. You could send me an email and I can write you more or we could arrange a skype meeting.

    [email protected]

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