Message from The Master, by Drew

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Message from The Master, by Drew

I had a chat with Jesus,
Deep in meditation
And I wish to share the essence
Of this heartfelt conversation.
He spoke to me in poetry
For that’s a language I know,
I’ve cut out many of my own words here
To focus on His glow.

He said “I’m here, my brother, as I’ve always been,
I’m here inside your mind.
You’re weary of the world
And you’re done with being blind.
To join with me just call on me
Until you start to feel,
I’ll hold your hand and lift you up
And then you’ll start to heal.
It’s not the words you utter
And you do not have to kneel
For me to teach you what Love is;
To illuminate what is Real.
Just show me that you’re willing
To leave behind your pain.
I’ll shine my Light upon you and
The Kingdom you will gain.
Don’t you know the key to Heaven
Was always in your hand?
The door was never locked,
It’s time for your heart to expand.”

How do I move from head to heart
When I still have so much fear?
You feel so very distant
Though you say that you are near?

“Take a look around you
At all your mighty ones,
I speak through them and Guide you
For you’re God’s beloved Sons.
These brothers have gone before you,
Just like I did too.
Put all your trust in us and
We’ll help to pull you through.
You do not walk alone
And you cannot fail”,
he said.
“Together with your heart’s desire
We’ll empty your messy head.
Remember the vision you had
When you were a little child,
Remember the joy and jubilation,
It certainly wasn’t mild!
Remember the time you collapsed in the street
And felt my Presence there,
Rejoin with me from this moment forth
For your safety is my care.

Walk with me and know that
Your Father awaits your return.
He entrusted me to bring you Home,
You need not be concerned.
The day will come when you’ll know my Love
Then I’ll ask you to extend.
You’ll fly on the wings of a peaceful dove
And at last you will ascend.
So lay down your arms and rest in mine,
The end has already begun.
You know that you’ve already crossed the line
So shine just like the sun.”


  1. So wonderful Drew it touches me deeply. With love Ursula

  2. Thank you Ursula. With love.

  3. beautiful… soooo. ‘shine like the sun’!!

  4. Such beautiful use of words to convey your experience. Heartfelt thanks!

  5. I asked for inspiration and this is what I found, the words of our lord Jesus expressive and profound and though I seek from day to day that which has been found, I’m blessed with gifts of inspiration and find them all around.

  6. <3

  7. Thank you rejean and Eveline!

  8. Thank you Drew!

  9. Thank you, brother Tony
    For your insightful reply.
    Your words made me smile
    And your rhyme is most sublime.

  10. Beautiful so lyrical

  11. Glorious!

  12. Thank you, brother.

  13. Thank YOU, KJ!

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