Milagros en Mexico! by Rob

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Milagros en Mexico! by Rob

What a miraculous month at La Casa de Milagros, where I have been blessed to experience the first retreat at this new Living Miracles outpost.

Thank You David and the residents and the Retreatants for making this a wonderful journey into that still and quiet place in the mind. Before arriving, I had spent more than a year “stuck in a rut.” Though I was doing my Course lessons daily, my mind was definitely split, about many aspects of my life, including relationship, job, a project I’m working on, and my living situation. Thus experiences of deep peace seemed few and far between. It was during this tumultuous time when Jenny and her partner Greg were driving through my hometown of Sonoma, CA on their way back to Utah. After we were unable to communicate via text, Jenny and Greg drove on through town. When they were about 2 hours east of Sonoma, I was able to get a text through to them. Thankfully, both of them felt a prompt to turn the car around and come back to join with me. I was excited and a bit nervous, as I had to scramble to prepare my place for their arrival.

Among other thoughts shared during our joining, Jenny felt I might consider going to the upcoming retreat in Chapala, Mexico. After she and Greg left, I prayed on it, and felt the idea was inspired, and so I booked my flight, made the arrangements with Living Miracles, and here I am, in Mexico! I’m so grateful for Jenny and Greg’s demonstration of following guidance, and inspiring me to come to Mexico! And I am so grateful to be here! The gatherings, music, movies, and joining with my Mighty Companions has lifted me “out of the rut” and refocused my attention within.

I’ve been given many gifts and insights during my visit here. Really, it would take too much space here to describe it all. Overall though, perhaps the biggest gift I received is a deeper trust and faith that the Holy Spirit IS within my mind, and He is ready to Guide me the moment I am open to It. Prior to coming, I had great doubts about: 1. His Presence actually being available in my mind 2. My ability to listen to, hear, and follow His Guidance. Now I feel that I can, perhaps not always perfectly, but I can. A number of other gifts were given on the retreat as well, including the experience of a deeper letting go of several of my deeply-cherished self-concepts, learning how to “Be” with upset, fear and attack thoughts without judgment of them, but just looking at them with the Holy Spirit and thus diffusing the power I had once given them (again, I caught a glimpse of this process, though I need to work on it more), understanding at a deeper level that “I cannot get home alone…” –  that I need holy relationships with my “Mighties”, and a number of other insights  and experiences that were given by the Holy Spirit that were helpful for my continued “journey without distance.” I shared one of those insights with Rebecca, one of my mighty companions here at the retreat, and she said, “That’s beautiful, you should submit that story to the Spirit-of-Love website.” So here is my journal entry/story, written here at La Casa de Milagros:

Thank You everyOne for your many gifts and reflections of love here in Mexico!!


Perhaps it was around late 2010, one day the name “Jenny” seemed to come up everywhere; my instructor at the Gnostic church I was investigating that day was named Jenny. Then I saw “Jenny’s Flowers” driving through Berkeley, CA. Then I was inspired to stop and see a movie on the way home, “The Wrestler”, and someone instrumental to the production of the film was named Jenny (I don’t remember how), then at least a couple more references to “Jenny” came up that day. I’d never seen a woman’s name repeat like this before.

Naturally, I asked “What does that mean?” The ego had an answer, a deep belief, of course; “Maybe she’s The One.” Maybe my future soul mate, special love, the one I know who will save me, is named Jenny?

Now we move ahead to 2011, where I follow a prompt to attend my first full 1-week retreat with David in Utah. I experienced it as a bit nerve-racking and frightening, but I went anyway.

And there was Jenny! I felt a strong connection to her; she served as a Guiding Light at the retreat and helped ease my fears.

The thought came, “Maybe she’s The One!” (naturally ). When I expressed to her in a one-on-one session that I was attracted to her, she lovingly thanked me, and then gently shared that she did not feel it. I felt disappointed, but at the same time, I did not feel rejected. At the retreat I had thought to share my “day of Jenny’s” experience with her, but didn’t for some reason.

Moving ahead once again, now I am at the inaugural silent retreat at La Casa de Milagros, here in Chapala, Mexico, in 2014. During a deep and peaceful meditation in the evening around a fire, the whole story of “Jenny” came into my awareness once again – only now I see it!!

Those “Jenny” prompts that day in Berkeley were about Jenny of Living Miracles after all! The Holy Spirit was introducing me to a beautiful Holy Relationship with Jenny, where our common goal is to go deep into the silence, so we can hear, experience, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us, right into the Holy Instant! There IS no future special love relationship planned with a Jenny – she is The One.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for this clarity. Amen. PS. I’m a little slow, but I’ll get There.


  1. Precious, precious Rob! Keep Shining that Beautiful Light. I’m so grateful to be Here with you! Love & Light, Jenny

  2. Thank you for sharing Rob! It is so precious and helpfull for my mind to read ‘other one’s’ insights, love Petra

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