Three Mind-bending Movies

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Three Mind-bending Movies

Over the last three nights we watched a trilogy of mind-bending movies with the same theme: that this world, all the characters in our lives and the self that we think we are are nothing but a projection happening in the mind.  The self-concept and all the stories that support it are made up to cover up our true identity.



First Night: Shutter Island (2010)

Shu imagesA refusal to look upon the darkness and what the mind believes it has done, leads to a fantasy world of complexity, confusion and sophisticated defense mechanisms. The belief in separation runs so deep that it constantly draws forth witnesses of victimization. It projects the guilt and attack on to characters and scenarios as a way of keeping the guilt from awareness. Unconscious guilt is like a tape running in the mind spinning stories around and around as a defense against the truth.
While all the world is willing to play out its fantasy, it is also ready to assist in the dismantling of the delusion under the Holy Spirit’s care. Everyone is playing their assigned role and all it takes is a willingness to question every belief one holds. Admitting the guilt is a first step in healing. Forgiveness for what you believe you did (separate from God) will release. The world as you know it is made up. Through a fractured lens what is perceived through the body’s eyes are witnesses to beliefs in the mind. Being willing to look upon the darkness is a step towards letting go.


Second Night: Passengers (2008)

plane-crashEverything we seem to experience is only an act taking place in our own mind. Fear makes you dream a dream of being a person with certain characteristics and you may be using an occupation in the making of an identity. There are helpers along the way. You need to have the courage to face the fearful thoughts of the past and welcome them into awareness to heal and see that you were only dreaming and that everyone was there to help you! You just perceived them wrongly!


Third Night: Passion of Mind (2000)

Passion indexAlternate dreams can seem to offer something of value to the dreamer when desire is split or multiple. The nagging sense of separation beckons the question: “Which of these dreams is reality”? Yet Reality is only approached when conflicting dreams are brought together and forgiveness shows that all the dream figures were aspects of mind. The roles in conflicting dreams were but shadows that veiled the True Self, and in the dream everyone and everything is symbolic. Peace comes at last when it is apparent that there is nothing outside the mind.


I recorded some discussions we had after the movies and put them together in this Spreaker talk “Letting the self concept fall apart.”

For more movie suggestions, go to our online Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment at



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