Miraculous journeys, go for it! by Petra

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Miraculous journeys, go for it! by Petra

Years ago during a time of transition, I read “What Colour Is Your Parachute” to find out what kind of profession would suit me best at that time. One of the assignments was to envision my job from heaven and one from hell, including everything i.e. environment, sounds, people I had to deal with on a daily basis, things I needed to do, feelings I would experience. The other assignment was to make a Top 10 of my passions.

My job from heaven was to live in A Course in Miracles Workshop 24/7 (and my job from hell was selling tickets and giving train information to passengers in a 1-person cabin right in the middle of Amsterdam Central Station). I had no clue whatsoever how to realize my job from heaven, but I reckoned the best way to go was just to take baby steps towards that direction. I did my lessons every day, went on retreats, weekly Course groups and signed up for the Mystical Mind Training. It felt passionate and certain as my (only) way out.

On a nice summer’s day I surfed on the Internet to look for yet another retreat, but there were none in the Netherlands during my vacation. I surfed “abroad” and I came upon David who was about to hold a retreat in Sweden with Helena. I took an extra close look at him on YouTube and I instantly fell in love with him. I mean, he could be my Dutch neighbor; gentle and friendly and at the same time firm, clear, and radiant.

From then on my life seemed to take on another vibrational level. It is as if all my dreams were meant to come true if only I kept my purpose clear. I went to the Mallorca retreat three years ago and it felt deeply meaningful without any clear reasons. Every second of it felt so right; the people, the environment, the vibes.

Well, to cut the story very short, I now live in an ACIM Course group 24/7 with almost all of the people I met before in Mallorca. We expressed back then we would love to live in community together one day, somewhere in that area. While I was in Utah last year on a long term retreat, I felt the strong prompt to contact Tricia and Monique again who were looking for a house in Spain, together with Jane Marie and Peter. Coincidentally, Tricia contacted me on Skype not long after and I had a long heartfelt talk with Peter as well. He informed me that David & Frances had decided to come to Alozaina soon for a one day retreat. I checked in with Jenny, my main tinkerbell link in Utah and then I definitely knew this was without any doubt my next step, the next thing to go for!!!!

With tears in my eyes I can surely say by now, oh man it’s doable. If you want your dreams to come true, if you want Peace of Mind, just go for it!! And I say this to myself now: Don’t think about all the means needed for this. They’ll be given to you in a form you perhaps wouldn’t even have thought of before and soooo much more…

I am sitting here now, up in the attic in Alozaina. Music suggestions from Sam in my ears (Sheepy Mixes “Waiting for an Angel”) and crying while doing one of my favorite things: writing. Sine just told me she will wait for me in the kitchen so we can experiment with making jam from our figs from the garden. I mean… with full gratitude in my heart: thank you soooo much David, Frances, Jenny, Suzanne, Helena and all the other residents, Ricki, KJ, Valerie, Kris, all the friends and mighties wherever you seem to be.

Love you big time!
xx Petra

“Waiting for an Angel” by Sheepy Mixes


  1. Love you Petra!!!

  2. You know what? I also worked with ‘what colour is your parachute?’, in the year before i met rananda and the course ….. ! 🙂 so funny to read that, al these parallels in our lives. liefs, lily

  3. Love you Petra! For a short version, it sure says it all! 🙂

  4. Thanks Petra for your open-mindedness.

    Thanks for believing that love is truth.

    Thanks for accepting who you are as love.

    Thanks for finding your love for God



  5. See you soon sister – love you, Ursula

  6. Thanks Lily, ja goed boek!! En grappig jij schrijft ook zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands, feels good & see you 🙂 Petra

  7. Preparing your bed! 🙂 Love you!

  8. Smiling heartfelt big time now! 🙂

  9. Oooh Jane Marietje, love you! 😉

  10. Hi lieve Peet, so sweet!! 🙂

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